There are only a few cultivars that when I see them flowering I ooh and aah...
Scooby Snacks is one of them.
(Dogwalker OG x Forum GSC coming from @oneeyerc , Not the one from Archive.) Even after seeing dozens of photos of her and smelling her many times in person, when I do see her in bloom in any capacity, I melt.
Here she is with 3 weeks to go. She has an amazing stack to her. Meaning that when her bracts of calyxes are forming the internodal spacing is minimal, hence the colas forming are nice and tight.
There is just something about this strain. I guess you could say its puppy love. 🤪

R.I.P. @woponese 🙏
🌪️by @martypreston 🔩by @fadespaceofficial

The Nail Is Trash 🤦‍♂️🤣😭 Figured I'd Throw Something Up It's Been A Minute 🤷‍♂️

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