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@joyosity made my sweet tart crust recipe from How to Bake Everything and followed my suggestion to use sweetened whipped coconut cream as a base for fresh strawberries and poached rhubarb, but there's no way I could make it look this beautiful. Whoa. (Share your Bittman recipes using #cookbitt) #htbe

Onion (the best, in my opinion) bagels by @marie.petersen009, via How to Bake Everything. Thrilled to say that the report was positive (and I think they look fab) #cookbitt #htbe

Use #cookbitt on your MB recipes - I'll repost some favorites. This beaut is courtesy of @bloomsey - Olive Oil Cake with lemon drizzle from How to Bake Everything. #HTBE

Turn How to Bake Everything Banana Bread into banana cake: make the basic recipe, including the optional walnuts and coconut, and throw in some chopped bittersweet chocolate. Bake it in a cast-iron skillet instead of a loaf pan. It cooks up quicker (35 instead of 50 minutes) and is absolutely fabulous with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. #cookbitt #HTBE

Yeah, more cookies. Because we could all use some cookies right about now. These are Banana Oatmeal, and they're "healthy" (I was skeptical too, but you can trust me). Make them! Link in profile. #HTBE

Stay tuned for #allwheat #beer #brewing this #tuesday on #HTBE

Team Bittman is baking up a storm. Sweet Tart Crust + Lemon Curd + Whipped Cream = Lemon Tart, made by @emaweee. Recipe link in profile. #HTBE

Rosemary Olive Oil Bread: give it a shot! Recipe--> link in profile. #HTBE

More bread. Gifted this one to my daughter and fam. White spelt and whole wheat. #HTBE


Happy National Cheesecake (aka Golden Girls) Day! Mark Bittman's recipe is so easy and delightful! And as my mom pointed out with the recent move, this is a NEW YORK cheesecake. 🤣🤣🤣
#HTBE #cookbitt #cheesecake #nationalcheesecakeday #goldengirls #baking #dessert #dairy

DIY or buy? Monday morning: buy (definitely!). Sunday morning: I'm going with DIY (because your friends and family inspire you, @markbittman tells you how, and the outcome will amaze you - proof above!). This story and another Sunday morning treat to DIY coming up on OSR this week! Subscribe at link in bio. #htbe #cookbitt #baking #bagel #bagels #sundaybrunch

I wish I could have been there for Chester the way he and all the members of @linkinpark have been there for me all of these years. They are how I survived the last years of middle school and all of high school and when it felt l had no one to turn to I could always turn to the music knowing that someone out there understands me. You never knew me Chester, but you were one of my best friends and you are already missed. I love you so much more than you'll ever realize. #Music #LinkinPark #HTBE #DepressionKills #DepressionIsReal

BABY Dutch Babies from How to Bake Everything. Dutch babies are showstoppers—billowy like a soufflé, with crackly golden edges and an eggy, custardlike center—but incredibly simple to make. You're almost guaranteed to have the ingredients on hand. To make the babies, grease 12 muffin cups instead of using a skillet. Divide the batter among the cups, filling them only halfway or so. Check for doneness after 12 minutes. #cookbitt #htbe

Loving @joyosity's tart! She used @markbittman's recipe for the sweet tart crust (from HOW TO BAKE EVERYTHING) as well as his tip of using sweetened whipped coconut cream as the base for the filling. Now, if only we could get her to send us some...... #HTBE // 📷: @joyosity

Oaty chocolate chunk cookies, a @markbittman recipe from How to Bake Everything. My oven ran a little hot so they're crispier than expected, but the sheer deliciousness is not a surprise. #cookies #baking #homebaking #markbittman #chocolatechip #htbe #cookbitt

Pound cake. Recipe courtesy of @markbittman's HOW TO BAKE EVERYTHING. #HTBE

Onion (the best, in my opinion) bagels by @marie.petersen009, via How to Bake Everything. Thrilled to say that the report was positive (and I think they look fab) #cookbitt #htbe

My pal @dsmeyer86 made this gorgeous Persian Flatbread (aka Nan-e Barbari) from How to Bake Everything. #htbe #cookbitt

Brownies fresh out of the oven & a latte. Perfect way to watch the snow pile up outside.
#htbe #cookbitt

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