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Very very old stuff this one

A personal favorite 🎩

Скучный факт: "Трасса «Москва — Санкт-Петербург» обозначается M10 или E105, а раньше называлась E95. Именно её воспела группа «Алиса» в 1997 году. Сейчас E95 соединяет Санкт-Петербург с Турцией через Белоруссию, Украину и паром по Чёрному морю."

What’s your latest pickup?
I feel like a prisoner with those pants btw🍊

Shift your perspective. You might be surprised what you see.

We’ve reached into the archives with @filausa to unveil our most ambitious collaborative project which revives the classic “Mindblower” originally released in 1995, this Sneaker has remained a standout model thanks to its unique interpretation of the OG logo treatment sitting proudly on the midsole serving as the main design element of this 90s Classic !
Releasing on 4/20 (duh) and in a extremely limited run of 54 pairs retailing for $110 USD
DM for purchase 📸 @stevecarty

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Hobbit Homes 🏡 | Taken off the Coast of Germany 🎞

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