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A photo from awhile ago on Nessy in the dam #hlacontestants

What an interesting day at the house mountain horse show in Lexington! The warm up round went really well but then Jackson came up lame 😢 so then I had to get a catch ride for the 3' medal class and I got 2nd overall! Lots of pics to come!

Fave pic of all time

#hspedits AHHHH. The Olympics are so nerve racking

#hspedits oh forgot to tell y'all chapter 15 of secrets in a small town is up!!! Click the link in my bio of you want to check it out.

#hspedits #ihdcontest AHHHH I'm like really busy ah AHHHH I say ah a lot AHHH

#hspedits I'm rewatching the 100 meters race, usain bolt.... Wow

#hspedits yea if I ever meet the boys if probably do the phases lol

That's my favorite song by weezy ok
#hspedits lol my edits are so sloppy
You deserve the best you're beautiful💗
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