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For days, Weeks, even months I have been awaiting this trip. My mother always told me when I was younger, so good by the lord and one day you will enter the Holy Promised land.

For years I thought to myself what is this promised land, what will it look like? what will it offer? And then on one fine day in the summer of 2015, 3 days into a Coke bender I stumbled upon the HSPAS. My eyes lit up as if I had finally discovered HD Television, 5 years on.

Upon seeing the first 3 reviews; I KNEW, THIS! This was it, this was the promised land I had foreseen, chips meat cheese and sauces as far as the eye could see. It was a diabetics wet dream.
From that day forth I made a vow I would come to the best of the best and have what's better than the rest. Which brings me to today: I made the call to my doctor already to cut off my foot if need be for I was going in to diabeetus paradise, King Kebabz Campbelltown, the holiest of Meccas, a real testament to how far man will go to bless the arteries of his body

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The halal snack pack life #hspas #brisbane #foodporn #soulfood

And that's a wrap!

See you tonight at Salisbury 5pm to 9pm 🎬👌❤🍴 #IstanbulEatsKebabs #BrisbaneEats #BNEFoodTrucks #HSPAS #Halal

Halal Snack Packs via King of Kebabs Lane Cove @hspasofficial #hsp #hspas

HSP brothers #hspas #genwhite

On this day one year ago, my life changed forever when I had my first ever HSP. Who knew something so wrong could be so right, in so many ways by uniting foodies of all races and sending a big 🖕 to Pauline Hanson and the racist biggots in this country. I love you Halal Snack Pack. @hspasofficial #HSP #HalalSnackPack #Halal #WhatsAKebab #HSPAS

Regram 🔁📷@pantinho3 the hero this world needs #HSPAS


A 《MIDWEEK CRISIS》 looks something like this at Istanbul Eats when there's BUTTER CHICKEN H.S.Ps on the menu!


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🚨 You heard right ladies and gents! 📣 We will continue to deliver to your door FREE to keep you in the warmth of your own home 🏠 ••• While menulog orders will incur a $12.50 delivery fee beginning Thursday 27th July, FREE DELIVERY will be exclusive to orders placed directly with our staff VIA SMS on our direct line!
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* Delivery hours are strictly 6pm-1am, 7 nights a week.
** Minimum order of $25 is required to be eligible for delivery.
*** Free delivery only available for destinations within a 7km radius from our store.
**** Wait periods of up to 90 minutes may apply during peak periods.
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We're open for LUNCH ONLY today 10AM TO 2PM SALISBURY.

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I have got to try the hyped hangover food - the Halal Snack Pack. Layers of tender lamb & chicken over a bed of seasoned fries. Basically kebabs on steroids. #hspas #halalsnackpack #sydneyfood

A white dude made this snack pack which made me uncomfortable, but Fuarkkk the sauce was good on this #hspas @hspasofficial

The View we have from inside on most nights at Melbournes most LIT Kebab & HSP Destination!

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10/07/17 | Sunshine Kebabs, Brisbane | Mixed HSP ($15 lrg)

Was really looking forward to this as I hadn't tried any of the famous ones in Sydney (King Kebab, Metro One, etc.) but found it pretty mediocre.

The 2 meats are chicken and a beef/lamb mix. The latter was shaved really thin and felt dry - I guess I just prefer it sliced thicker and to have more bite, so it feels more like meat lol. The chips were really salty also. Upside was that this HSP was less greasy than ones I've had in Sydney, and the sauce ratio was on point.


Meet our mentor: Frank's father an award winning continental chef from 1964 teaching a class of students the skills to make culinary delights. He is Istanbul Eat's inspiration, the reason why we have great tasting food and have a passion for cooking. Fun fact: it is also thanks to him there are H.S.Ps today as he was the first Turk to bring the traditional Turkish Doner to Sydney Australia in the 70s. And behold yourselves as it wasn't any machine processed terrible meat, it was hand selected meats, cut, processed and seasoned by hand by the man himself. And it is through this skill of his you'll find the difference in our doner at Istanbul Eats is because whilst we don't process it our ourselves we do hand select quality cuts and add special seasoning to give you the best tasting and most traditional gourmet döner. .
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