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#HSM3 poor Troy. Stick to basketball.
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tag a #HighSchoolMusical fan!! 😂 this was me this morning when I saw @ashleytisdale & @mrgrabeel'a #MusicSessions with a new arrangement of What I've Been Looking For. I've been playing this song a bit in my shows for a few years. always one of my favorites!! 💕

Vanessa Hudgens and Kellan Lutz re-enact the pool scene argument from HSM 2. Vanessa reprises her role as Gabriella and Kellan acts as Sharpay.

SO happy that I brought one of my best gal pals to prom with me! It was such a fun night, and I can't believe I'll be separating from all of these lovelies so soon! 💋😭 #nighttoremember #hsm3?

– "Troy..."
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~ ib: @peonatt
~ song: King Peanuts - Precious
~ (who loves troy/zac here ?)


"High school wasn't meant to last forever" #butsydliawas #HSM3 #notrelatableanymore #neverwasrelatable

Uh it's finally here! Only few hours away from fasting! Happy Ramadan to all Muslims! Have a great month beauties! Don't forget to stay away from your phone as much as possible & pray or do something else instead it's your chance of the year! Love you all good luck & to anyone who's on her period so she won't fast: bitch u lucki HAHA. (Tagged who I know they're Muslims but feel tagged ♡)

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