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One year ago today we adopted Larry David aka “Toots” from @humanesocietyofhuronvalley . Somehow he manages to be both the sweetest cat and a complete monster all at the same time 😂. So happy we took him home 🖤🖤🖤
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Dogs are good for the soul.⁣

Rosebud woke me up this morning with super sweet snuggles and just laid there, nose to nose, for about 15 minutes, looking into my eyes.⁣

Adopting Rosebud is one of the best decisions of my life. It may not have been the wisest. It’s definitely not the most fiscally responsible.⁣

But this dog brought me back to life when I was dying inside of a broken heart. Not because of a romantic relationship, but from loss nonetheless. Too much loss, too close together. That’s the story of most of my young adulthood, really.⁣

I’m writing the last chapter to be written, for this, my first book. The story of us. And I am thankful every day and all over again that this sweet baby angel came into my life and filled that piece of my heart that I didn’t know was missing and breathed life back into me again.⁣

She’s been taking care of me for all of the ups and downs in this 7+ years since.⁣

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Somewhere the night went wrong. ⁣

She was all angelic and sweet on the couch when I got off the elliptical.⁣

Then she adoringly stared at my apples and Nutella snack.⁣

Then all of a sudden I find her bleeding all over herself in the living room, and find she’s torn a skintag off. So, then she got bandaged up and coned.⁣

She decided to repay my kindness with fitting both our heads in the cone and whistling through her nose for an hour and then snoring like a grown man.⁣

But I still love her the most.⁣

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Yesterdays fall fun🍂🎾➡️ today’s winter wonderland❄️🌲

What do you mean it’s not my bed?

Another day, another #cocoagram ☕️🍩 #hshvalum

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