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So my #hscmajorwork is back home! Still pretty bummed it didn't get into art xpress. But, I can now legally post the full works online! I'll be posting them individually over the next few months on @escaping_insanity_ ✌🏼️

Blood, sweat and tears πŸ”¨πŸ”¨#gotherdone #hsc16 #hscmajorwork

πŸ“· Doing what I love πŸ“· #photography #pullingfaces #assessmenttime #hscmajorwork #funfun

mums going to skitz πŸ–Š#artsy #hscmajorwork

Wow how fabulous is this HSC major work by @teepee.art ? Congratulations it is awesome! Inspired by his life spent growing up on the coast #hscmajorwork #permaplastik #teepeeart

Thankin my lucky stars this craps overrrrrr #hscmajorwork #thankgoditsover πŸ©πŸŽ‰πŸ”πŸŽ¨

I have never hated an assignment more in my life. Whereas Lockie has never hated a moment more in his life. #hscmajorwork 😲

(part 2/3) (soz for always posting drawings lmao) #hscmajorwork


The first 4 completed pieces from "The Social Glorification of Self-Deprivation". #art #hsc #majorwork #handstudy #humanbody #drawing #pencildrawing #realistic #hscmajorwork

HSC start to roll off the production line! #hscmajorwork #studentexcellance @emmauscedp

Not finished but another drawing

My back hurts and trying to do anything hurts lmao

I haven't shown you guys these two so here u go
~Represents my pain~

There's a reason why I generally don't talk about being sick. I don't like to, because most people don't understand, and it's tiring dealing with the concern on their faces, or their attitude of "If I cant see it, it doesn't exist". It's called invisible illness for a reason. I don't know what I have, I just have a collection of symptoms that are invisible. You can't see my pain, but it's there. Same with my nausea and fatigue. To some extent, you can see my sinus tachycardia (if I have my hair down). Even if the swelling of my joints doesn't cause that much pain or inconvenience, which it sometimes does, and sometimes doesn't, it's something that's visible, along with the bruising and hair loss (curly hair is a godsend for that). Because of this attitude that people face me with, seeing it makes it real. You can't just explain swollen joints like you can bruises and hair loss. It makes people believe me, even if it does come at a price. It cant be passed off as psychological, that my anxiety is making my heart go off and creating my nausea, or my depression is creating my pain. I can be happy, but in pain, and calm, but my heart is going off. They do impact, but they are separate things.

Doing things the Clark way #setitonfire #ceremonialburning #hscmajorwork #art

Doing things the Clark way #setitonfire #ceremonialburning #hscmajorwork #art

Developing student project. Recycled timber inlay ... amazing what can be done with what is considered waste! #studentexcellance #hscmajorwork @emmauscedp

Wow how fabulous is this HSC major work by @teepee.art ? Congratulations it is awesome! Inspired by his life spent growing up on the coast #hscmajorwork #permaplastik #teepeeart

Look at those beautiful finished forehead wrinkles!!! #hscart #hsc #hscmajorwork #hscbodyofwork #bodyofwork #art #artsy

Something I had to make as a major project for my final year HSC assessment [2015] (I failed the course though and was told to repeat it but I didn’t have to)

It’s a baby’s bassinet blanket

#hscmajorwork #babyblanket #bassinetblanket

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