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#qotd : comment "😏" if you knew this and "😱" if you didn't.
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Yagga 😂😂😂💀.
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What's your zodiac sign? ♐️
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⇢ Honestly would be me if I hadn't been with a "man" before

⇢ I'm actually kinda dying from the amount of homework I have to do in just this week, it's only the third week is school and I'm already ready to sleep for eternity

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#QOTD : What would you want to major in, in University or College?
#AOTD : I want to do a conjoint of psychology and law tbh haha

I love three day weekends —Seamus or Dean?

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Good morning! I only have to go into uni for one lecture today as I miss the other one due to having the doctors!
It'll be quite nice to go home early and get some work done!
QOTD: Most inspiring HP character?
AOTD: Hermione📚
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Según afirma HP en un comunicado, las baterías de varios de sus modelos son defectuosas y presentan riesgo de sobrecalentamiento e incendio. De forma inmediata recomienda a todos aquellos que tengan uno de los portátiles afectados que devuelvan la batería a la compañía. A cambio, se facilitará una nueva y 100% segura. Debe retirar la batería de su computadora y verificar si el código de barras coincide con los códigos de barras 6BZLU, 6CGFK, 6CGFQ, 6CZMB, 6DEMA, 6DEMH, 6DGAL y 6EBVA que son los que están en riesgo. La empresa Omegatech representante de la marca HP en el país, se ha comprometido con Proconsumidor para cubrir los costos de la sustitución, por lo que exhorta a los usuarios a que detengan su uso y que se dirijan al establecimiento donde realizó la compra para su reemplazo gratis. #HP #ProConsumidor #LapTop #RepublicaDominicana

Haciendo mis etiquetas con mi nueva impresora HP, me encanta! Poder hacerlo todo desde casa
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19. Best invention! My new laptop. I'm still amazed of how light it is. #FMSphotoaday #fmsphotoadayfeb2017 #FMS_bestinvention #laptop #hp

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"Don't call me Nymphadora!"

aesthetic; Nymphadora Tonks
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qotd; Do you like this kind of theme?
aotd; I think so so I will go with it for a while.

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Working online means a lot of time on the computer. I've had this computer for a long time now and I'm so thankful of how well it's ran for me! Both myself and my son have put this thing through some hard stuff 😳
Eventually I'll get a new computer/laptop but for now this #hp is what I'm running my online business with! I love getting to run my own business and do something that I love!
So, what are you doing? Are you waiting to start your own business? If you are, get going!! Live in your purpose and get started doing what you love. Take that step of faith 🙏🏻