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Main & side plate. I like the way the raw rim frames each meal. O O O

It's spring dispatch day! The first 107 #postbags of the #spring issue of #slightlyfoxed have made it down the stairs and across the cobbles of #hoxtonsquare to the van. A short break before we're all back to packing tomorrow, and then by Friday we'll hopefully be back to the joy of real foxy work life and be able to answer a few emails, at last. Hurrah! Huge thanks to the #royalmail #posties for being so brilliantly helpful and cheery. Watch your #letterboxes for a happy delivery of literary bookmail good #foxedreaders 📚🦊❤

Many have tried, most have failed. Have you got what it takes to demolish the Devastator in 10 min?

Δηλώνω ερωτευμένος...#Hoxton ❤️

Final picture from our trip to the Geffrye Museum (full description in yesterday's post). Here is Edward walking along one of the benches in the Reading Room.

I love this little jumper with the red aeroplane on it, even though it is still slightly too big for him and the sleeves fall down over his hands.


Figure on platform 2