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"How to date ... @novalanalove" ❤️ Coming soon on www.gq-magazine.de - So stay tuned! #gq_germany #gq #gqmagazine #howtodate #novalanalove

subtlety is key
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I'm constantly asked how to keep the spark alive in a relationship and my answer will ALWAYS be the same, "Never stop dating!" Comfort is the shovel that digs the grave for any relationship. There's a difference between healthy comfort (when you feel 100% yourself with your partner) and the comfort that you no longer care enough to try. Find ways of reintroducing yourselves to one another. Try new things. Experience new places. Never stop dating! #GirlTalkREALTalk

Link in bio!! Go before its too late and you end up single forever!! #learnthesecrets #womenpsych #howtogetagirlfriend #datingadvice #howtodate

🎥Recap Video! 🎥
Who Owns The Kitchen?! •
We decided to post some of the highlights, but you have to go to YouTube or HeGetsHer.com to see the Full Video!

If you've commented on our posts from last week, you might have gotten a shout out 👀

Dates are for having two-way conversations. Both talking about yourself and asking questions. Take it from Scruffy and Bambi. #howtodate #askquestions #datingadvice

4shoMag.com - Haven’t seen much from Mena Monroe (@menamonroe) lately, have you? Wonder Why? Well… I don’t know, just thought I’d start this write up off with something pointless! But needless to say Mena is back and who else would be greater to make a comeback with other than 4shoMag.com? My point exactly! Check out our latest installment of “How To Date” with Detroit’s “It” girl Mena Monroe! | #4shoMag #4shomagazine #menamonroe #howtodate

I received this book on how to pick up women for my birthday a couple of months ago. It has a pretty solid method. Off topic Antony know where to get klonopin, asking for a friend. #howtodate #pickupchicks #cosby #justkidding #maybe.


We're expanding our relationship coaching to YouTube! •
Even if you don't want good advice, it's worth watching just to see all the bloopers! 😂


🎥Recap Video! 🎥
Who Owns The Kitchen?! •
We decided to post some of the highlights, but you have to go to YouTube or HeGetsHer.com to see the Full Video!

If you've commented on our posts from last week, you might have gotten a shout out 👀

We've been coaching, writing, speaking and posting fun pics, but now it's time to record it all for you to watch. Click the link in our bio to check out our video recapping last weeks' discussion about "Who Owns the Kitchen?" 🍳🥘🍲

MEN: Whether you should have your own show on Food Network or if you could burn the house down pouring cereal, here are a few things to keep in mind about cooking as it pertains to your relationship.

Many of the men’s responses referred to skill, but you don’t have to be a chef to be able to cook. It’s okay to not be the best on your first try, but it’s not okay to be totally dependent on another adult to feed you. What’s important is that you put forth the effort to contribute so that the burden isn’t only on her.

There are women who will gladly take on the responsibility completely, but that’s no longer the norm. Most women prefer for both to contribute in the kitchen, so it’s best to assume some of the responsibility. What’s important is that you talk about it and agree on an arrangement that works for the two of you. If attempting to cook is a fire hazard, an option may be to always clean the kitchen after the other person cooks.

Another great suggestion we got from @tydeecoo is to AT LEAST have a few basic meals and specialty recipes you know how to make well. If you’re constantly telling yourself, “I can’t cook!” What you’re really saying is, “I won’t cook.” That statement not only limits your capability, it also limits the partnership and intimacy in your marriage. Oh and one last thing, Dr. Kevin Leman says in his book that "Sex Begins in the Kitchen"👀 •
📸: @peekexpressions

Setting up ground rules is also really important as you need to be respectful of the people around you. For example keeping pet names like honey and bae away from the office!

LADIES: Whether you get nervous with popcorn in the microwave or you’re a natural chef in the kitchen, here are a few things to keep in mind about cooking as it pertains to your relationship

Most women referred to their childhood experiences when describing how they’d like their marriage to operate in the kitchen. Did it cross your mind that what’s normal to you may be unfamiliar to the person you’re with. Share those experiences with him so he knows what you expect and help him understand why.

A few words MEN used to describe how they feel when their wives cook for them are ENCOURAGED, taken care of, LOVED, appreciated, and PROUD. So remember that it’s more than a meal for men. Use that knowledge and ability to feed your relationship with more than just food. It can really be a form of intimacy if your heart is in it.

“Cooking” can mean two different things to men and women. Most men don’t expect a full course meal every time they eat. Don’t put that level of pressure on yourself. What matters most is making sure there is at least something to eat on the days when you can’t go out for dinner.

📸: @peekexpressions


از پست قبل (قسمت اول) شروع كنيد.ء
📍بايد بريد ياد بگيريد كه چطورى بايد انتخاب كنيد.
و اين يادگيرى زياد سخت نيست اما يه دوره ٤-٣ ماهه و كلى مطالعه تئورى و عملى لازم داره و حتى تا حدودى كار روانى روى خودتون لازم داره......ء 🔹اما مگه نميارزه؟؟؟ شماها امروزه ٣/٤ عمرتونو تو ريليشن شيپ بسر ميبريد.
امروزه از ٤-١٣ سالگى روابط شروع ميشه تاااااا آخر عمر و دم مرررررگ شما يا تو ريليشن هستيد يا بين دو ريليشن يا در حسرت ريليشن خوب.
خوب نميارزه يه كم تنبلى رُ بذاريد كنار؟؟!!
نميارزه كه دوباره وارد ريليشنِ داغون نشيد كه تا بيايد به خودتون بيايد و بفهميد طرف، انتخابِ افتضاحى بوده، يه هو ميبينيد ديگه نميشه كاريش كرد و وابسته شديد،
اونم وابستهً يه آدمِ دااااغون.
حالا تازه ميخوايد اين آدمِ داغونو عوض كنيد.
كلى وقت و انرژى و حتى گاهاً آبرو صرف ميكنيد واسه اين عوض كردن اين بيچاره، هم خودتونو خسته ميكنيد هم پدر صاحب بچه اونو در مياريد، آخرشم نميتونيد.
چون اصلاً٩٩٪ اين كار نشدنيه.
دست آخر هم بَعْدِ ٤-٣ سال تازه به خودتون ميايد ميبينيد "بايد رفت"،
"خسته شديد"،
"ديگه نميتونيد تحمل كنيد"، "سرد شديد”،
تورو خدااااااا
بس كنيد اين انتخابهاتونو...
خيلى نگرانم واستون 😔.ء
✍🏻–دكتر فرجام جعفرپورء
همين حالا درحال رانندگى پشت درِ جايى كه دارم ميرم مهمونى…
اما بعضى حرفااااااا درده ديگه نميشه واسه گفتنش صبر كرد.
دوستتون دارم زياااااااد😍😘💝
٢٠/٩/١٣٩٣ پنجشنبه شب.ء
🎓Dr. Farjam Jafarpour

When you’re not living in your values, and according to what is really true to you, it doesn’t matter how much you say you want it, you’re not going to get it. This is because deep down you actually don’t want it, you’re not living congruently with your actions or your words, because you don’t actually value having a relationship that highly.

We had so much fun at the #AtlantaSportsAwards signing autographs and taking pictures with fans of our fake athletic careers. Another example of how creativity is a key ingredient for a successful, spontaneous date night.

1. What you imagine a date would look like when you're single.
2. What a date actually looks like when you're married.
3. What a married man imagines that a date could look like ONLY in his mind.

Relationship tip for single men: Enjoy your ice cream while you can. @jenisicecreams #jenisicecream

"Anyone I Can Dig Up" is a scene detailing the power struggle between Eliana, a young rebellious teen who has more on her shoulders than anyone could hope to know, and her mother, Kim, who after years of raising a daughter on her own, is apprehensively trying to get back into the dating world. •••LINK IN DESCRIPTION••• Special thanks to all involved with this project!
#studentfilm #filmmaker #studentfilmmaker #gravedigging #gravedigger #motherdaughter #datenight #datefilm #howtodate #rebelteen #rebelious #rebeliousteen #sandiegofilm

We are so excited to be revamping and relaunching our Video Q&A!!
One of the best improvements has curly hair and a beautiful smile.
It's time to take HeGetsHer to the next level, Stay Tuned! 📺

We just wrapped up an introductory call with another brand new couple!! We love meeting people who are willing to invest in their relationship by building a strong foundation of friendship and understanding before getting married. #SYMBIS

Cass finally came back home from an all girls paddle board/camping trip. We immediately went out for lunch and the date just kept going. #DateNightStartsAtNoon #CantStopWontStop #ForeverNewlyweds

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