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Lilly Singh open collab!

Must Tag 3 active editors that would be interested!
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Once done, comment what part you would like. And I will chose who will participate
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Dm me for anymore questions

Part 1 me ( @ultifilms )
Part 2 @sxpersingh
Part 3 @teamsuperedit
Part 4 @fyee._
Part 5 @lillysblackbra
Part 6
Part 7 @suxvids
Part 8 @teamsupercalgary

*UPDATE* the big project I was working on was wiped clean off my laptop, due to a virus/hacker im very sorry if you were hoping to see it..but i have lost all hope and inspiration for it...im very sad that it is gone but positivity will prevail and imma keep my hustle on.

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Day 23 of @bookriot #RiotGrams challenge: #selfimprovement. .
Of the self-improvement books I have on my shelf, these three are by far my favorites! @iisuperwomanii is a rockstar; @gretchenrubin is the greatest; and Jordan Christy is amazing! Each of these books is very different, but each helped me in their own unique way! .
What self-improvement books are your favorite? Also, what is your favorite ice cream flavor? (mine is anything involving cookie dough, brownies and caramel). 🍨
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Edit: my Rafiki broke...I'll get a new one but I'm too impatient to wait for it 😭😭

#lillysingh #iisuperwomanii #girllove #teamsuper #hustleharder #unicornisland #bawse #howtobeabawse #bawsebook #lillsinghmerch #onelove @iisuperwomanii

This woman has helped me achieve so much this week! Helping me get through adjusting to working life after uni, and helping me try to find what I want to do with my working life. Still have a ways to go to find that out though! Only half way through the book, and I've been living by several quotes as daily mantras to conquer another day at the office #iisuperwomanii #motivation #life #work #goals #findingmyself #howtobeabawse #girllove #bawse

I haven't been around much due to this new job. Just been hustling to save for a new PC and camera so I can try making higher quality content. But the job is really taking it out of me.

I did manage to finish reading this book by @iisuperwomanii and it's been the highlight of my week. Each chapter has a lesson that has boosted me spiritually and mentally towards becoming the bawse I want to be. Much like her videos and vlogs my reading time has become the highlight of my day.

Sad to return this book to the library but I am for sure going to buy my own copy to reread it. 👌 I highly suggest grabbing your own.

#iisuperwomanii #unicorn #howtobeabawse #book #readingisessential #superwoman

Almost done listening to @iisuperwomanii ‘s book! This is a book that I need to get a physical copy of and keep at work to always remind me to be a BAWSE! Absolutely love it! #bawse #howtobeabawse #audiobook #superwoman #needs

I promised excerpts (view previous post). Great read so far, I'm smiling, laughing, gesticulating and talking to myself. #SMH But my family is used to it, everyone knows Ameenah is a book freak😍😍😍😀😀😀 (and proudly so too). I have over 100 books in my library and definitely still counting.

Don't forget to hit me up if you want the book ( I don't like learning by myself)
#lillysingh #howtobeabawse

And this is my latest read, can't wait to dig in. Just the intro and I'm loving it. It's in .epub format meaning it'll only open on selected apps, but slide in my DM if you want the book. In the meantime, get ready for excerpts. I already love her YouTube videos, so the book is just icing on the 🍰 #LillySingh #HowToBeABawse #foodiemeenah #nightreads #latepost

You are living in a nutshell if you still haven't read it . #howtobeabawse #lillysingh #bawse #iisuperwomanii @iisuperwomanii , its third time in a row I completed reading this and I still cry at those out of the blue corners


I have to confess, that my love for reading actually started when I was 15. I was TOTALLY head over heals for #AtticusFinch’s character in Harper Lee’s book #tokillamockingbird! Atticus’ famous quote from the book, “the one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience” has always resonated in me and is what inspired me to follow my passion for the law and ultimately aspire to be a kick ass #Paralegal this country has ever seen!💪🏼😼
Nevertheless, books soothe my soul!💖

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