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Early morning squats kicked my ass, last week 275 flew up and this week? Like a sloth. 5x5 @ 275lbs today. Then sumo deadlift after. Planning on making next weeks heavy squat day MUCH better 💪 Also check out my @takeyausa 40oz god of a water bottle, it's my favorite 🤗 #howisweat #takeya

#fitgirlphotochallenge #howisweat love how my @texasfitchicks trainer pushes me after I tell her I can't do it! Well check me out! Yay!! #28dayjumpstart #fitkinibodychallenge #fitgirltx

Caffeinate, rehydrate, repeat. Putting in the work on and off the mat! #neversettle #howisweat @takeyausa

just one flip away from the weekend!

This is how I like to end my leg day #legday #workoutselfie #jumpsquats #howisweat

@barrys_sf you are badass for inviting me to introduce 5 friends to this awesome Butt & Legs workout! Thank you @jon_daviid @angexmarie @_tiffanytan @kkuang22 @jensmalls for joining me! 💕💪🏽 #howisweat


I fell out of love with running after the SF marathon. But I came to visit one of my favorite gfs here in LA and this little trip has been nothing short of amazing. I got 3 miles in on Hermosa Beach & the Strand has reminded me of the multiple reasons why I turned to running in the first place. What shall my next race be?! #running #LA #HermosaBeach

some days i need the run while other days i need the therapy.

a lot of questions have been going through my mind the past few months, usually when i'm sitting in the glacially moving concrete parking lot we call the 10 fwy. i was feeling especially frustrated driving home and just spent the hour and half drive emotionally vomiting to the fella. i came home feeling so drained but quickly got changed because i had schedule a workout run at one of my favorite studios, @runwithstride.

did i really want to run? honestly, no. i would much rather take a nap. but, deep down, i yearned for a run because i knew it would help me get out of the funk from the day. i just needed that 45 minutes to escape my thoughts and to just sweat out all of the stress. between each set, each stride of the sprint, i could feel my spirits uplifted and my mood change. the things that bothered me just hours before didn't matter much anymore. rather, i just felt an immense sense of gratefulness.

today is the eve of my birthday. rather than feeling woe of turning another year older, i reflect back on the past 364 days with a very grateful heart, especially for my health and for the opportunity to bond with my hubs through our workout dates. the past year, i've challenge myself physically, and mentally, in new ways and surpass limits that i didn't even know existed. i'm excited for the progress to continue and look forward to what new adventures the next year unfolds.

just one flip away from the weekend!

Ladies I just fail at this photo challenge!! #day8 #howisweat #inthesun #lularoenicole #lularoe #lularoejacket #oilslick

Not all Mondays have to suck ☀️ It's my birthday week, and I'll be riding with @flywheelsports 4x this week! Get your sweat on with me! 🚴🏽‍♀️💦
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