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This is how you break a 48 hour fast!


When I really want to dial in my diet, grassfed ribeye and butter is a staple! To see other meals I eat to stay shredded effortlessly year round check out my free website. Link in bio! #howdoyoubreakyourfast #gethealthy#healthylife #healthytalk #eatclean #fasting #fastthenfeast #thefastingphenom #intermittentfasting#healthyeating #fit #fitness #fitfam #nutrition #fitnessgoals #youcandoit#noexcuses #personaltrainer #stayfitforfamily #personaltrainer

By fasting 18-24 hours daily I'm easily able to fully enjoy my fasting window and still be a huge caloric deficit! A lot of people focus on diet, strength training and cardio to lose weight. They are all important, but for me nothing works better than fasting! Practice fasting like you would any other skill! The better you get the more losing weight becomes seem less!

Macros for 1800 calories consumed today while burning 1400 exercise calories today which should put me at about. 1400 calorie deficit for the day.

Dinner and dessert!

#lunch a little under one pound of oatmeal reading buffalo wings. Only 600 calories! Also had a salad.

Be careful of pictures you see in transformation pictures and or from your favorite celebrity trainers. Angles, lighting and having a post workout pump do wonders! Don't get me wrong, the celebrity trainers you follow are in great shape, extremely knowledgeable and very hard workers! But because they always have professional quality photos being taken and posted, it can be a bit deceiving! The pics above are taken 1 minute apart!

Living with ADHD my whole life, I've always had problems focusing on things I need to learn and things that I want to learn that don't come easy. I found meditating for 10-20 mins before trying to focus on learning something primes the mind perfectly for the learning process!

Day 2 of meet prep, top deadlift set 405x4, then 365x6, 315x10.

Pre workout routine. Drink 1 scoop of @maxeffortmuscle pre workout. Listen to some kind of positive, inspirational, or educational material while I walk minnie for 20 mins. This allows me to check out a lot of things on my to do list all at once. Warm up my body for my workout, prime my mind for a positive attitude, which will give me better odds of having a great day and also be able to get Minnie her loved walks!

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