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2018, me & my hair are coming for you ✨ I’m so excited for this year!! So many new things are happening! My prayer for this year is to love others more fully, to be more diligent with self discipline, and to go on many more adventures. #2018 #howcaniloveyoubetter

My Tata has had quite the week but he is happy to be home. My nonagenarian best friend is the ever optimist, always full of joy. I asked him today what his professional prescription for happiness would be (my grandfather was a surgeon/general practitioner for nearly 60 years)-- he simply said, "enjoy the little things, they're what keep you happy." I asked him how I could love him better (my favorite question to ask my loved ones) or if I could do anything to make him happier and he smiled at me said "just be happy, that's all I need." He's my favorite. I am so thankful for our conversations and kinship since day one of my life-- my Tata and Nana drove all night to Camp Pendleton to welcome me to the world the day I was born. It was an honor to be raised by him and my Nana Nellie. I'd be lost without their love and the foundation they instilled in me. I am glad he is home. And as happy as he always chooses to be. πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™ #drjglopez

I LoVe the Wonderful Women GOD has blessed my life with!!!
#IFtable is such a blessing!!!!
I always get soo excited and wrapped up in our time together that I forget to get more pictures! 😜😘 #IFlocal #IFgathering #IFmidland #blessed #prayingforeachother #howcaniloveyoubetter
#seasonsoflife #GODISGOOD

The world is at each other's throats and I just feel so sad. I don't have any answers, but I am open to suggestions. I have no idea what it is like to live in a body with black skin because I was born white. And I have no idea what it's like to wear a badge because I have chosen other ways of serving and protecting those around me--but what I DO know is that too many people are dying. Too many families are trying to figure out how they can possibly move forward without loved ones that never made it home from their last car ride, never came home from work, never walked through the door after a peaceful rally.
So, I don't have a lot of answers.
But, the one thing I DO have is a desire to make things in my corner of the world a bit brighter and to do what I can to be a better human (and to RAISE better humans), so I have a very important question to ask my friends of color: HOW CAN I LOVE YOU BETTER? Because I don't know what it's like to live in your skin, but I know that just being your friend and hashtagging my #blacklivesmatter support isn't nearly enough. So, how can I tangibly, actively love you better?
To my friends who either wear a badge or love someone who does: HOW CAN I LOVE YOU BETTER? Because I don't know what it's like to go to a job that puts you on the front lines of the worst that humanity has to offer day-in and day-out and I can't imagine the toll that takes on you. So, how can I tangibly, actively love you better?
We are ALL hurting. It's what we do with that hurt that matters. #howcaniloveyoubetter #notarhetoricalquestion #pleasetellme

For the past coupla days been reading this book! And this is why!
If i know how i should be loved in the process i learn how to love those around me. Soon i shall be asking ny people how can i love you better. We often mistake love languages for romantic relationships but they are just as important for your family relationship, co workers and friendships.

Everything, everything, everything is waiting for us.... always life revealing itself to us, until we realise and truly embody the unbroken, unfailing, undisturbed ceaseless flow of life within and all around us. πŸ‘ #highestlove #revelations #realisations #outerworldrevealing #innerworldrealising ✨ #youandme #relationshiptoall #dialecticsoflife πŸ’— #soulflow #crownofwisdom πŸ‘‘ #howcaniloveyoubetter 🐞 #sacredinthemundane #anoblepath

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