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Energy is the most valuable resource we have. It affects how people feel when we walk in a room. How we show up and love. How well we're able to look at the big picture instead of small annoyances.
So I have to constantly take account of where my energy is. Hold myself accountable. Are the people and situations I put myself in good for who I am? And y'all. I'm lucky to have a solid set of humans who love fiercely and have my back.
But every once and a while, I find myself around energy that negatively affects who I am. Makes me question my worth. And the shitty thing is, I often feel a responsibility to stay. Like it's my job to fix the thing. A problem. A person. A project. That it's my fault the way it treats me- somehow.
And it's not until I put on my big girl panties and wave it good bye (or at least give myself a healthy distance from it) that I realize I shouldn't have let it in in the first place. That I'm allowed to put up signs that say "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" to energy that wants to bring down the Kendall party. Buh bye Felicia- I got things to accomplish.
So.. If you're reading this and need a sign that it's okay to cut something out of your life that makes you not like yourself.. here it is honey child.
You're straight magic and deserve to have only the things in your life that remind you that you've got something good to give this world.

Photo by my treasured @lindseyeryn.


Creativity takes courage. ✨

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This talented film-maker who I have the honor of meeting started a GoFund(link on his @yosneaks Bio) to study abroad! His major is Communication w/ a concentration in Film production. He's in his 4th & second to final semester as a graduate student and beginning his thesis process which will be a film. The class is based on the study of Alfred Hitchcock films and he will be traveling to London and Scotland to tour locations where he shot some of his most iconic films. He wants to apply a few of these techniques into his thesis film but more so have a better understanding of Alfred Hitchcock's creative eye and how he applied his thoughts to his works. As of right now he needs to raise $2,320 until November 1st! Any cent will help and who knows? Maybe he can be your favorite Film-Maker one day!
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Whatever you do... do it well. 😌

Let's get gory like a Tarantino movie. •

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In Ana’s own words: “I woke up feeling loved, fearless, and full of purpose. This will remind me on those days that I feel the complete opposite, that I am a whole person experiencing a wide range of emotions.” Motherhood is filled with an array of emotions, ups, and downs; all of which are valid and should be embraced. Read more over at @powertoprevail
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The first step is believing that you’re greater. ❤️

We are in some deep editing today... so all the deep feels are coming out 🖤🌵

Sweet moments and absolutely perfect sunsets👍🏻☀️

Life tried to crush her but only succeeded in creating a diamond!
🙌👌 📷

Photo: || @jaiophotography!
Stylist: || @flawlessbyrene!
Model: || @b.dutchh!
Hair: || @queen_of_pharaohs!


Quinceañera with her friends 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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