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“JUST ANNOUNCED!! We’re playing @hobchicago 1 week from today!! Early show: 7pm. Tix link in bio!” 💎💎💎💎💎#houseofblueschicago #chicagoband #localmusic #chicagoband #livemusic

JUST ANNOUNCED!! We’re playing @hobchicago 1 week from today!! Early show: 7pm. Tix link in bio 👆#houseofblueschicago #chicagoband #localmusic #chicagoband #livemusic

What the fuck do you think he was screaming into my face? 🤔🤔🤔 ▪️
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To that one friend who reminded me a few weeks ago how I do affect this world. I appreciate your words most especially this week. I have been doing lots of digging. See as a teen in Chicago I used to serve on the board of directors as a youth representative at Youth Service Project, a youth outreach organization. It was the place I found my deeper love for music and giving back to other youth. I was a leader there, took business classes, art classes, was connected to the CEO at the time Mr. Sequane Lawrence and worked in the music store there as my very 1st job. I was an inspirational teen with words to uplift my peers. Francine L. Pope, The CEO of the House of Blues in Chicago also invited me to come back and read my poem “Staircase” for Martin Luther King’s Birthday when I was in 8th grade. She saw in me a powerful young girl! All my life, my words and voice were my gift to humanity. Time and time again people would tell me how inspired they were when I would share or perform my poetry. All I ever wanted to do was make a difference. When I married, I lost a lot of who I was. I suppressed it. I now understand the importance of the environment you choose to be in and wether or not it helps you grow or suppresses you. Although times are tough right now I still have my voice. I still have my words. I may not be on a stage right now as I focus more on my motherly responsibilities but thanks to technology I have this platform. When a friend reminds me that my voice still makes a difference I am encouraged. It was a very sweet thing to say. I am grateful. I never want to be better than others or compete. I am happy being me. I only want to exercise the opportunity of being myself more because being me brings value to people’s lives. The 2nd picture is a reminder to go back and visit Sedona. This is a picture of myself and my oldest daughter on the 2nd time we went. She was 5 here and is now 10. Sedona’s red rocks connect me to my visions for my life. Thank you to all my friends who remind me to keep being me. It is you who inspire me! #friends #words #music #youth #ysp #mentor #houseofblueschicago #youthserviceproject #voice #spokenword #poetry #mom #mommymoves

More video from the @pouya show. So amazing. #pouya #fivefive #houseofblueschicago #fivefivetour #vhsvideo

More pics from #chicago #houseofblueschicago #nordstromchicago #navypier and a pedestrian bridge that doesn't allow very fat people #yymbrOnTheScene

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