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The beliefs we have about ourselves dictate our behaviors.
This is something I am always practicing. Being active in choosing the beliefs that empower me. Sometimes I am better at it than other times but definitely can see the impact of my choosing again and again. The more I repeat the my truths the more I believe them and the quicker I am to let go of my disempowering beliefs.
I asked Louisa a few weeks back what she wanted her power statement to be. We say them each morning. This is what she came up with all by herself:
I am cool! I am trusting! I am beautiful! And I am nice!
Since then she has added more. It’s so fun to see her believe them. At first, after she got done she told me “wasn’t that weird?” and with a laugh said “it was weird for me”. It’s true it does feel weird when you go from telling yourself lies (even from others) to telling yourself the truth. You’re so use to hearing to the lies that the truths feel like lies. But over time it won’t feel that way. “Stick to a task until it sticks to you...”
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Our food pantry is open this morning at 10am! If you or someone you know is in need, make sure you visit our pantry for some worship, a message, and food assistance.

I use the past day in my daily planner to journal. I keep it with me where ever I go.
Today's message, miracles. I am in acts and its when the believers are praying for God show Miracles and Proofs to them but I believe they said this with intention. They not only wanted to see them, they wanted to be Miracles. Be living proof of the Grace of God that is continously given through the Power of Jesus Christ. He is always there for us to call but as I think about this. I want to be intentional. I want to be a miracle, a living proof of God's love through Jesus my savior and His Holy Servant.

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"Mijn huis is in de hemel, ik ben gewoon op doorreis in deze wereld." - Billy Graham

Bobby Schuller's reactie op het overlijden van Billy Graham: "Hij was de belangrijkste dominee van de laatste drie generaties, hij was goede vrienden met mijn opa en kwam eigenlijk met de naam 'Hour of Power' toen ze allebei op het podium stonden tijdens een Billy Graham-Crusade in Angel Stadium. "

Onze bediening en vele anderen zijn diep geraakt door de passie, het hart en de roeping die God op Billy Graham's leven plaatste. God houdt van je, Billy, en wij ook.

Billy Graham overleed woensdagmorgen op 99-jarige leeftijd. #billygraham #hourofpower

North Canberra & Gungahlin Tennis Hot Shots at Majura Tennis Club 🔥🎾 #HourOfPower #TennisCBRfamily #FullHouse

Great job coaches! You are absolutely killing it!!

Raw Sugar Scrub for the win!
Full of skin loving ingredients including • natural sugars
• organic coconut oil • organic olive oil • organic vanilla • pure vitamin E
Sugar is naturally abrasive, hydrating and nourishing, suitable for sensitive skin 🙌🏼
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ATTN. @bccraftbrewersguild members! Our Happy Hour event kicks off 3pm tomorrow. We're discussing how to leverage your beverage with visual marketing 👏 3PM at @asuitegenius #hourofpower #YVRbeer #beerthereorbeersquare

So this happened tonight.... My biggest walleye to date! How exciting is that?! I finished work, bought minnows, zipped home, changed into snow gear, hopped on the skidoo and met Andrew and Tom out on the ice. Fished until sun down; check out the beautiful sunset 👌🏻#icefishing #fishing #walleye #pickerel #hourofpower #getoutdoors #adventure #nature #ontario

"Meine Heimat ist im Himmel. Ich gehe nur durch diese Welt." -Billy Graham

Bobby Schuller zum Tod von Billy Graham: "Er war der wichtigste Prediger der letzten drei Generationen. Er war mit meinem Opa gut befreundet und hatte den Namen 'Hour of Power' vorgeschlagen, als sie beide zusammen bei einer Billy-Graham-Veranstaltung im Angel-Stadion auf der Bühne standen. Unser Dienst und viele andere sind zutiefst von der Leidenschaft, dem Herzen und der Berufung beeinflusst worden, die Gott auf Billy Grahams Leben legte. Gott liebt dich, Billy, und wir auch!“

Der bekannte Evangelist Billy Graham ist im Alter von 99 Jahren gestorben, dies berichten US-Medien unter Berufung auf seine Familie. Billy Graham hatte großen Anteil an der Entstehung des Fernsehgottesdienstes von Hour of Power durch Dr. Robert H. Schuller, dem Großvater von Bobby Schuller.

Dr. Schuller erzählte folgendes über ein Gespräch mit Billy Graham: „Das hier wäre eine großartige Kulisse für einen Film. Hast Du schon einmal daran gedacht, deinen Gottesdienst im Fernsehen zu übertragen?“, fragte Billy Graham 1969. „Ich werde Dir zeigen, wie wir meine Evangelisationen übertragen“, sagte Graham, „und Dich meinen Produzenten vorstellen.“ Mit dieser Idee entfachte er in Dr. Schuller einen Traum; die Vision einen inspirierenden wöchentlichen Gottesdienst zur Ehre Gottes auszustrahlen, direkt in die Wohnzimmer der Menschen. Was für eine Möglichkeit und daraus entstand Hour of Power, ein Gottesdienst der noch heute Menschen überall auf der Welt inspiriert dem Beispiel Jesu zu folgen!
Wir sind sehr dankbar für die Freundschaft dieser beiden Männer und wünschen der Familie Graham Gottes Trost in dieser Zeit.

Meet us at 1241 New Chapel Road, Rustburg, VA. tonight!Bible Study will be LIT! You don’t want to miss it! #ComeToBibleStudy #KnowledgeIsPower #EducateYourself #Study #Meditate #FeedYourSpirit #GetInToTheWord #HourOfPower #WednesdayNight #Fellowship #NFSBC

Tonight we kick off “Our Story” series.
Starts @ 7pm!

See you there!

If I could show you a way to identify and co-create happiness would you believe it is possible?
Magic is brewing tonight @buskirkchumley won't you join us??? Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 730pm!! The presales are through the roof and it will be a packed house tonight!!! Over 25k views for the promo video last night. Over 2k more views since I checked last night. Do you know why?
We all desire to be happy. To feel good. To create happiness. And we all can. But do you believe it? Tonight you will hear from myself and five other absolutely AMAZING speakers. Each with a story. Each with a spark for life even when faced with uncertainty. Each of us speaking from a space of love and experience within our own lives and those we have had the honor to share them with. @walkthetalksrs
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Wednesday’s workout. Power class, then a 30 minute run. Summer is coming! 💪🏻🏋🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️☀️🌊#powerclass #letslift #makingmuscles #goldsgymhamiltonmill #hourofpower

I have been telling this to my clients for years. Many people believe im fighting a lost cause- because obviously technology “is the future.” What they don’t understand is that students are learning less, understanding less and their education, not to mention their grades in specific areas, are being compromised by screen based learning.
My goal, like that of the authors “is simply to remind today's digital natives - and those who shape their educational experiences - that there are significant costs and consequences to discounting the printed word's value for learning and academic development.”
And don’t get me started on WRITING ✍️ !!!
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What: Hour of Power
When: Today at 12noon
Where: Victorious Ministries International
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