This moment, when you invited your gang over and mom‘s coming home early...😱
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Rusty is very tired from all the work we have been doing on the house lately. 😴🏠🐶 #socutewhenheissleeping #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog #rescue_factor #seniordog

So this is where I sit and wait in the new house, I wait for breakfast, I wait for snacks and I wait for supper, waiting seems to be a thing in our house, a tad annoying I have to admit, but as they say all good things come to those who wait 😊 happy Tuesday peeps hopefully no waiting for you 🙏🏻 #joshuathebeagle

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We’ve been MIA from IG for a while but we just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone. We’ve been very busy the last couple of months getting our house ready to sell. Kallie and Rusty have been anxiously waiting to find out where we will move, which we don’t know yet but hope it will have a larger yard for them to run and play in. Stay tuned to see where we end up, hopefully we will know in the next few weeks! 🏠 #dogsofinstagram #pitbullsofinstagram #rescuedogs #rescue_factor #adoptdontshop #dogs

Toby looking nonchalant on the beach 😜 #whippet #whippets #whippet_feature #hound #houndsofinstagram #hound #sighthound

When mom won’t give me an extra treat! #bassethound #momma #extratreats #hounddog #houndsofinstagram #cutepetsposts

Technically, I’m opposed to dogs sharing human beds. But when I came upstairs they were already asleep like this—arms and legs all akimbo—and I don’t have the heart to wake either of them up. #houndsofinstagram #shelterdog #puppykindergartenishard #familydogsnewlife

Caught Daphne soaking up some sun this afternoon ☀️ 🏖 #houndsofinstagram #hounddog #soakingupthesun #beachbody #washingtonstate #pnw

I swear this dog is just waiting for the big kid to wake up so she can go hang out. The research on pet companionship and health is really incredible- and while our house seems crazy full with 3 (or more, depending on bonus kids) and a dog and a cat and 2 birds and who knows what else- frogs? - I know that it’s #evidencebased chaos. Here’s a study on mental health and pet companionship: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5800290/#!po=45.0617

Every year, like clock work, as the trees start to bud and the flowers start to bloom, our inbox fills up and adoptions slow down.

We receive emails from across the nation chalked full of pleas to help Hounds:
Blueticks, Red Bones, Blood Hounds, Tri-colored/Treeing Walkers, English & American Foxhounds, Black Mouth Curs, Catahoulas, and Black and Tans...just to name a few.


Hunting parties come together to chase down anything from turkeys to mountain lions.
They bring their hounds along to help chase down the prey. Sometimes humans involved with certain hunting parties realize that particular dogs won't hunt the prey they are seeking. Or the dog may not be aggressive or agile enough. And sometimes the dogs that don't do their job are shot, tied to trees with no chance at escape, or are just left behind.

The ones left behind will come walking out of wooded areas with numbers spray painted/ or written in shoe polish on their fur (this is to identify which person they belong to).
All too often, by the time they reach a farm house or come across a person, they collapse from exhaustion and can die because malnutrition.
As many of you know, MFDM.org was founded, all those years ago, because of six hounds in need. I have a hard time saying, "no", to these precious souls. They have done nothing to deserve this particular fate.
Spring of 2018 has brought several hounds to our attention. Over the next two weeks we have eight hounds coming to Denver. We are looking for loving, stable foster homes. We need donations to help get them medical care, feed them, and transport them.
You can donate through our Face Book page (in the upper right hand corner) or you can go to our web site at MFDM.org or dogrescuecolorado.org
We are happy to provide you with a tax donation letter upon request.
If you want to mail your donation please email me at Gwin5280@gmail.com and I will send you the physical address.

Please remember:
NO BASHING OR DEBATES on hunting will be entertained on THIS PAGE.
Please share their story in hopes that we can find the perfect adopters for each of them.
Thank you for all you

Waiting to get all tucked into a basset burrito 🌯

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