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Some things never change 🤗
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This is one of the many reasons why organizations like ours advocate against owning big cats as pets. 🦁

Humbling in its ferocity and beautiful, in the natural circle of life.
When Another male lion enters the territory of another male it is to fight the current king and take over his pride. Win the battle and become the new head of the pride. Simple in nature, but brutal in its simplicity.
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It has been such a hard and emotional day. Today I helped my sweet first baby boy journey on to his next adventure in Dog Heaven. We first met Goosey at a dog festival on Kiawah. Steph and I were trying to start a family and it was taking a lot longer than we thought. When we saw Goosey’s sweet face, we figured he would be a welcome distraction. The month he officially became ours, we found out we were pregnant with our first child! The distraction worked!! Goosey came to us at such a joyful time in our life. He has been there, by my side, for the passing of our yellow lab Lexi, and the birth of our two babies. He has watched over our family and been my little sidekick since day 1. He has also been my most difficult dog, with separation anxiety and barking incessantly at people passing by, friends entering our home and anything that makes a noise (he woke my babies from their naps often). He tested my patience but I can truly say that he made me a stronger and more compassionate person. I won’t ever understand why he was taken so early from us, at the young age of 6 years old, with the cancer spreading rapidly throughout his body. His time here was too short and he will be missed. I want to thank everyone who reached out to me and messaged me, I had friends drop off flowers and give me hugs this morning. I felt enveloped in the love and kindness of friends and people who knew him and loved him. I am so grateful, truly grateful. He had bacon and eggs for breakfast and we took some time to run on the beach before he passed away peacefully in my arms. I am so grateful to God for the timing of this, as I would have been full of worry and anxiety on our trip abroad in the care of someone else. I am so thankful I could be the one to help him move on. Here are a few pics of our boy, my favorite is the last one I got on my instax. It was the last shot I got of him in the car on the way to the vet. It now sits in a frame on my nightstand. Thank you again to everyone for reaching out to me, I read everyone’s notes over and over and it really helped me during this difficult time. 💔💔💔#dogheaven #doglover #goldenretrieverrescue #hounddog #houndmix

Chai: Wanna hear a joke?
Mocha: You’re adopted!
Pepper: 😂
Toffee: Good one 😑
Eggnog: I don’t get it. Aren’t we all adopted?
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If your foster dog makes this face when you’re leaving for work, you should prob just stay home and snuggle #FriYAY

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My boys!! Sunday Funday Runday @seattlehumane. Meet Mouse, he’s a stunner with his good looks and cool personality. If you’re looking for a easy going running pal and a late night cuddler, he’s your guy. #adoptdontshop #seattlehumane #houndmix #rundogrun #sundayfundayrunday


Studying for my Russian exam today and this lil one plopped herself next to me to sleep 🛏

Morning walks on #railstotrails
Coffee optional.

Audrey the cat grows ever bolder.

Sometimes when she's not destroying things, she cuddles her kitty. #dogsofmke #dogsofinstagram #houndmix #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #krazykivi #dogandcatlove

Pre-snow preparation ❄️ have a look at my new winter coat ⛄️

Sundays 😴 #nap #sunday

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