Rediscovering the basics of balance that enable growth.
That’s how I felt when holding this pose for a few breaths.
So many poses bring lessons beyond the physical knowledge and peaceful focus. I don’t always seek lesson, I actually prefer to keep my mind empty during practice. The seshs for iG pictures is when I let all kinds of emotions run through. The emotional and creative release is quite nice to have, especially when I don’t have a specific purpose for posting.
Beautiful Sunday 🦋

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The new IPhone 11 specially made for Wayne’s Birthday! @wayne_skiv04
Happy Birthday darling! We love you and already miss you! 😘❤️🌟
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Nantarajasana | Dancer | Anahata Chakra | Heart
A heart opener with a backbend AND a spine twist... ✨✨
....this ones always had a special place in my heart. 😏💚
Second in the bikram yoga standing balancing series, right after a real thriller - Standing Head to Knee - heart racing, sweat rolling, intensity rising...
Deep concentration and every movement with intention.
Flushing oxygen-rich blood from one side of the body to the other.
Improving the body's elasticity.
Increasing lung capacity.
Strengthening the thigh muscles, arms, hips and glutes.
Increasing the flexibility and strength of the lower spine.
Patience. Concentration. Determination.
B A L A N C E.
....all with an open heart.
Yes 🙌🏻
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Don’t worry, be happy 🙂
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“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.”
As this week comes to a close and a new one approaches, be willing to begin again. Inside the hot room you are simply asked to begin each posture and let go of what will happen next. Give everything you have in each moment and you CANNOT fail. We love seeing your efforts and your GLOW. Happy Sunday beautiful souls 💛✨
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Teacher love... 🔥
Any questions about the yoga or just anything...we're here for you! We try and practice as much as we can to guide you in the best way possible. You'll see us in class with you often and we love practicing with you. See you on the mat!
4:30pm Bikram with Dana
6:30pm Vinyasa with Karen
8:15pm Bikram (1 hour) with Tamara
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What's your favorite way to self-care?

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