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Follow us to inspire you every day with the sexiest women on the planet !! #hot🔥 #hotxxx #fitnes #bodypaint !!

I gave my best, way more than I took.

Ngangget don Bringin. Balinese (1/3)


⚡️😘 #dog

GOLD Pro camera stabilizer rigs. Better than manfrotto fig rigs and only 60$ for pro action stabilization. Shop in bio.

I list and ship stuff on eBay and Amazon for a living now.

Ive cloned myself so I can get 3 times more hoes

FEEL it's the only way to understand bliss 🍑 @kendralove14 loves silly photos.

Like this outfit? #yesorno I just went to ZenFiniTea to do some social media work before they open up their kratom tea bar.

I wear this necklace everyday it reminds me to workout and meditate morning and night. Your habits determine who you are, and if you want to be the best you better be enforcing the best habits.

Only moustache now, i cut off my beard. Also iphone cam sux big balls #iphone #photography

Self reliance. I love my fishing pole.

Don't tell anyone I'm picking my nose. #Secret

Why do guys do it like this?

Only goofy photos from now on #YesOrNo 👌👌👌

Preparing to dab on the haters 😎

$160 on bills today. The sky is going full #bukkake 💦😭 I'm laughing at clouds
So dark up above
The sun's in my heart ❤️ #roastme you chumps 😜

Jk don't hate ☺️I wouldn't keep a photo like that up

Playing a little game called laying on the floor and not giving a fuck about anyone looking at you. #roastme or #captionthisphoto also I'm rocking the greatest hoodie ever @AmericanEagle

Droppie eyed douchebag too much stress to take a good photo, but today I have so much more freedom with my new tripod.

This is what your mail sees everyday📝💌 #throwback to when snail mail was a thing 👌

Haters gonna hate #ootd #roastme

I'm gonna do more media for companies, next project is a video on interesting storydriven #MikMak commercials.

Is duckface making a comeback yet? Oh wait ✋

Just lifting this hat with my mind, like everything else in life your mind is what makes things happen. Also just heard that jersey John is the mayor of Hudson. I'm dying 😂

Keep your mind still and become one with the world. And put some vines on yourself for an instagram pic

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