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It's #ChangeofLifeTuesday. In my FREE Facebook group Hormone Health HQ - For The Perimenopause Posse and Menopause Mavens, I had a question about night sweats.

My advice?

Know your triggers and I have that covered in the FREE e book 10 Tips To Reduce Hot Flushes Naturally which you can find here >  http://bit.ly/TipsToReduceHotFlushesFBshop.

As an example, alcohol increases my risk of night sweats.
Diet helps. Some nutritional powerhouses for peri/meno women are ground flax seed, maca powder, pomegranate.

Avoid refined sugar and carbs, processed foods.

If you are are moody - who isn't sometimes - good mood foods include wild caught oily fish, walnuts, flaxseeds, dark leafy greens, lean meat, yoghurt, whole grains.

Love, Kathy 💕x

Made by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Pfizer, this has long been one of the most common drugs from hormone replacement therapy in women. Even though the dangers of this drug and others similar to it have been exposed for many years, it's still on the market and still being used by millions of women.
Honestly, do we really think that something made from another animal's urine will be safe for us??
The best and surest approach to hormone imbalance is a holistic approach that includes a strategic detox, incorporation of specific foods, herbs and other supplements.
Tag a woman who needs to know about what's in her prescription and tell me: do you often wonder or ask about what's in prescription drugs? ❤

Can I just say that elbow-pit sweats during a #perimenopause hot flash suck dick. Yeah, I said it...! (Both the elbow-pit sweats and the suck dick part!) Yes, this is me, being the real me up in here!
📝📝📝 Best 😂 Parts of Perimenopause, NOT: 1) my body is out of control (though knows exactly what it is doing) 2) hot flashes 3) gaining weight ridiculously fast 4) elbow-pit sweat 5) mood swings even worse than my Aries-ish ones = insanity 6) sleep deprivation due to freezing iced to the core body temp (think being outside in below 30F degree winter day for an hour and not being able to warm your body up for hours when you go inside because your body is frozen to the core) & then having a hot flash.... #MarEvPerimenopause #hotflash #elbowpitsweat #perimenopause #SOgoddess2018 #SOgoddess

PSA for all of my women friends of a certain age who are feeling 🔥, but not in a good way... as hot as really you are on fire...roasting in the middle of the night...your face is red and you are sweating when it’s freezing degrees. Do yourself a huge favor and check out the Nest thermostat. Actual thermostat is pictured on the right. It’s very sleek and streamlined and pretty. But the genius part is pictured on the left. That is the app on my phone that is connected to the Nest. What this means that when I wake up burning freaking up at 2:00 am I can grab my phone and open my Nest app and turn down the AC!!! Without even getting out of bed! This is amazing and mind blowing and so awesome! Thank you Nest. I might survive this “phase” after all. P.S. I am not affiliated with Nest in anyway and this is not a paid post. Just too good not to share. P.S.S. Father’s Day is right around the corner and what dad doesn’t love a new gadget? 😉

Did you know - light silks are ideal for any weather. Silk is highly absorbent and dries quickly thus allowing your skin to breathe. It also has natural climate regulating properties that allow it to stay cool in summers and warm in winters. Silk is also the most hypoallergenic fabric available.🎋-Dr Sanjeev Gupta, article excerpt www.lybrate.com #sleepwithsilk #hotflash

Hot flushes can be extremely unpleasant - but can they occur when you’re not menopausal too? We asked a doctor - check out the menopause section on thefemedic.com for more information.


I let my drawing hand wander during my warm up sketch and it reminded me that ecstasy does not just belong to the young.

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Be honest ladies - what are you more excited about - the end of the menopause or the BIG WEDDING??? #royalwedding

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Eating keto was the best thing I ever did! Do you keto?

Seriously, this is my "diet" food. Scallops in butter, broccoli with sriracha mayo and half an avocado. NO JOKE!!! This was dinner! And I am at a weight I don't even remember!!! Thank you Keto and my supplements. Got to give some love on the supplements. Until I found them, my metabolism was at a standstilll! #menopausecansuckit
So, my menopausal sisters! I have the goods to tell menopause to suck it!! Ready?

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