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#JeremyMeeks, 33, is currently in LA where he’s a wanted man by a number of movie producers who see the ex-con as a leading man in the future. 🔥 He's negotiating his own movie and TV roles as he plans on being a Hollywood star. 🎥 📺 ⠀
#HotFelon #HotMugShotGuy

Looking forward to reuniting with my family. Counting down the days. #6days #spreadtheword

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They're HEEEERE!
JEREMY MEEKS BY STEVEN KLEIN! Hurry! Exclusive at Wonderland shop!!! https://www.wonderlandshop.com/collections/magazines
Don't let the the darkness come and hold me
I need someone 'cause I can't be lonely tonight
Come on baby, come and take me in your arms
I'll never be scared of the dark #PrisonBae #HotConvict #HotFelon


"Hot Felon" resurfaces
Jeremy Meeks got a lot of attention after his mugshot went viral and people dubbed him the ‘hot felon.’ Even though he was in jail he received loads of modelling offers. He wants to pursue acting and modelling and did end up signing with an agency, White Cross Management.

Meek’s was a forklift operator and he was arrested February 2015 for illegally possessing firearms and ammo, carrying a loaded firearm in public and criminal gang activity. He was given a 27 month jail sentence for his crimes. He procured an early release and was put on house arrest.

Meeks grew up in a poor household in the small town of Stockton, California. He was involved with the Northern Crips which is a branch of the infamous L.A. gang. A spokesperson for the police said about Meeks ‘he’s one of the most violent criminals in the area.’ But after his mugshot went viral and he signed with White Cross Management, it seems Meeks is ready to take another avenue in life. His agent Jim Jordan said that he is nothing like the man being portrayed by the media and reports, he is not a tough criminal but rather a soft spoken family man who is overwhelmed with the attention. Meeks shared his first headshots on his instagram recently.

Meeks was released early and put on house arrest because of his good behaviour. He told ABC news before his release ‘I’m in a place where I will be able to provide for my family and really change my life. I never thought that everyone in the world would recognize me for my looks, so I feel extremely blessed and very thankful.’ He also revealed that he keeps a very active lifestyle arrest and eats healthy to make sure he is camera ready when he has to be. His agent Jordan said ‘We’ve had contact with a lot of big brands. We have major, major fashion brands, designers on the table. We have movies offers, we have book deals on the table we have reality non-scripted television on the table, we have pilots on the table, we have club openings in Dubai, Vegas and all over the world.’ Once his house arrest ends he will be able to fully pursue all the opportunities his newfound fame has gained him......... ....... ..... ............... .......

The "hot felon" is free! 👀@jmeeksofficial has finished his prison sentence in the US and can now take up those modelling jobs. #jeremymeeks #hotfelon #prisonbae

Well since everyone tagged me in all the articles about how he slayed his debut in fashion week, I just wanted to let you all know that Jeremy Meeks is not just a gorgeous face and body with sexy tattoos. When I stopped him on the street and asked for a picture, he was also incredibly kind, humble and gracious. This is a man that knows he's been blessed with a second chance and is not wasting it. Even his manager was a really nice guy and joked about how the wind was blowing during the picture and that I looked like a model also. (And who am I? Just a fan on the street...) Every successful person needed a little luck and it's inspiring to see a person getting a second chance in something he will excel in and I wish Jeremy all the best! #jeremymeeks #prisonbae #hotfelon #secondchances #iwinvalentinesday

LONDON, ENGLAND — Jeremy Meeks, the “Hot Felon” whose dreamy mug shot helped launch his runway modeling career, was deported from the UK less than eight hours after he arrived at Heathrow Airport in London. Read more on CrimeFeed.com! #idcrimefeed #idaddict #hotfelon #mugshot #jeremymeeks #investigationdiscovery


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#JeremyMeeks, 33, is currently in LA where he’s a wanted man by a number of movie producers who see the ex-con as a leading man in the future. 🔥 He's negotiating his own movie and TV roles as he plans on being a Hollywood star. 🎥 📺 ⠀
#HotFelon #HotMugShotGuy

#hotfelon to a #hotmodel ..........this dude come up ìs unreal. He served a nine year. sentence and then a two yr sentence in 2014 which is when his mugshot became infamous! I guess every sinner does have a future. Ģood for you!! #jeremymeeks #kendoll

در سال ۲۰۱۴ پلیس آمریکا عکس جرمی میکس را به عنوان مجرم منتشرکرد ۸۰ هزار لایک گرفت! در همان زندان قرارداد مدلینگ بست و روزی یک عکس بی‌پیراهن منتشر می‌کرد.
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Este es el ‘grooming look’ cuando empiezas a quedarte calvo, perfectamente rasurado o extremadamente corto. // This is the grooming look when starting to go bald, perfectly shaved or extremely short.

Alert: the hot felon is back 🚨

Great day when #hotfelon hits the #Milan runway #yummy #papi #mensfashionweek #abs

When keeping it real goes wrong... #hotfelon #shadesofblue #thuglife

This is all it takes #jeremymeeks #hotfelon

Still looking as gorgeous as that mugshot that shot him to fame. Jeremy "Hot Felon" Meeks walked the Philipp Plein spring 2018 runway show in Milan with an unlit cig behind the ear and a pack tucked under his sleeves. This is the James Dean sorta cool the runway needed.

In celebration of #oitnb coming out on #netflix today- enjoy 😊 #hotfelon

جيريمي ميكس الذي عرف بالمجرم الوسيم أو معشوق النساء، مكث في السجون لأكثر من عام بسبب سجله الإجرامي وانخراطه في نشاطات غير قانونية مثل حيازة سلاح من دون ترخيص إلى أن أطلق سراحه في 2015 لحسن السيرة والسلوك، وأصبح اليوم أكثر الشباب شهرة في عالم الموضة والأزياء.
ميكس الذي يبلغ من العمر 32 عاماً، ظهر قبل فترة على ممشى الرانوي لتقديم إحدى قطع المصمم العالمي فيليب بلين خلال أسبوع الموضة في نيويورك، حيث ارتدى معطفاً أسود مزينا بالفرو وبنطلونا أسود وحاز على إعجاب عدد من المشاهير الحاضرين مثل باريس هيلتون ومادونا وكايلي جينر. وكان ميكس قد لفت الانتباه بعد أن نشر قسم الشرطة في كاليفورنيا على موقعه الرسمي على فيسبوك صورته بسجله الجنائي، حيث حازت على أكثر من 95 ألف إعجاب وجذب من خلالها الآلاف من المتابعين الذين قاموا بنشر هاشتاغ “#hotfelon” ، فبدأت عروض المشاركات في عروض الأزياء تتهاطل عليه حتى أن معجبيه قاموا بجمع الأموال لتغطية تكاليف معاملاته القانونية من خلال صفحة تحمل اسم “GoFundMe”.

Jeremy Meeks 🔥🔥🔥 (aka "hot felon,") was spotted walking the runway for Philipp Plein in Cannes, France, looking sophisticated and edgy in a black denim jacket and matching pants from Plein’s Cruise 2018 collection. Link in bio for more ❤️ 📷 George Pimentel/WireImage

Many friends and coworkers were smitten with my brother~ one told me was giving her heart attacks walking around with his shirt off haha O.G. #hotfelon

#NickiMinaj Kicked It With the ‘#HotFelon’ In France (via #Complex)
Why? Cuz She's the Queen!

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