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Dress is from @llenorafashion thank you 😍➡️ A post dedicated to Her. "She is not easily impressed by shallow men. Expensive cars, branded clothes, latest tech, a perfect body, attention; she does not need it. She does not care for materialistic things, you do not need to be rich to be with her or for her love you with all of your heart. She does not care about the opinions of others and she is not like the other women, so never treat her like the other women. Women thay may fall down at your feet, they do not compare to the love that only she can give. She does not tolerate mind games so do not play with her, she is too real for that. And do not waste her time, because it is the only thing she can never get back. Chase her. She is a treasure that only the right one will find. And only few will dare to. Her. She does not need a Price Charming. She just wants a partner in crime, the one will love and defend her to the moon and back. Just him and her against the world. She will heal you and she will never betray your trust or loyalty... Her. Because she deserves the love she gives so freely the world." 💚

หูยจัดว่าเด็ด 🔥เพลง ปานามา
By @fhm_aomam & @berrymintzoo
คลิปเด็ดๆติดตาม 👉🏻 @thaimusiccovers
#thaimusiccovers #thaimusiccover #dance #panama #panamadance #hotasian

Am I the only asian that doesn’t know how to gamble and is a great driver? 🤔😂


@faithxvue 💪🏼

Happy Vietnamese Women's Day @cherrilicieux 😘

Stairways to weekend. Chevk out @celesteelim Insta and follow her!

Outfit: @hm
Style: Casual

You have been spooped by the Hamburger Helper! Like and Share/Tag a Friend or your suffering will never end. (oh shit that last sentence had a rhyme)


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Welcome to Cheng&mach , how can I help u ? #hotasian #asianguy #gayflorist #me

A very beautiful model @yesitscharisse 😋👌 check her up. I hope you also like her

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A very beautiful Filipina pride @celinemdrivera 😋👌 check her up. I hope you also like her

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