After a very long and restless night, the little man is up, happy and enjoying his first feed of the day. 🏥

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Tonight I’m sitting here reading comments from incredible people, who watch our Vlog, and are sending in all the prayers for our Ebenezer. You guys make me cry 😭
This picture was taken when Ebby was 18 months old. It was one of the hardest and scariest times in my parenting history. He had an extremely high white blood cell count, and that lump on his neck taking over his face? His lymphoid, as big as a large orange. It was cutting off his air supply, and to say the panic set in when he started turning blue from lack of oxygen, is a complete understatement. .
The doctors never knew what was wrong with him. Test after test came back normal. The only thing they knew for sure he had, was strep throat. .
Our baby was never the same again. Our whole world was changed and our sweet baby was no longer. .
It took 2.5 years to find out that he has PANDAS Syndrome. The pure joy when he started his antibiotics and my baby came back to me, was incomprehensible. I felt like everything was in slow motion, he was back. My baby was back. .
The road is not over, but the hope is in sight. #soldieron #pandasawareness 👉🏻Swipe

The universal “oh shit” badge. 🙈 Thank you so much for all the love and prayers! I’m out of the hospital!! I feel a little overwhelmed and disappointed at the situation but I’m surrounded by great support. And I’ll get to the specialists who can help me more soon. And pain is only temporary (though such a bitch right?). 💩 I’m really excited to be adding black, knee high, air cast, size large, boot to the wedding attire Saturday- it’s going to look so babe. 💁🏻‍♀️ #thisisms • tell me about your week! I’m in bed for all of tomorrow so entertain me. 😎❤️

Little shithead is doing good, still in the hospital until Thursday! She doesn’t seem to think anything is wrong and hates her cone as usual😂 #dumbdog #loveher #pillpoppingpup #hospitalstay

WELCOME HOME FRANCES!! ❤❤❤❤💓💓💓Thank you so much to the people who have already donated and thanks again to the doctors at Alpenglow. We are raising money to help pay for the life saving medical bills for our puppy Frances.
Aleve is highly toxic to dogs, (max dose 7mg) even in small doses and Frances ate 250mg or more. Due to this she has required round the clock hospitalization and care since Wednesday.  She is remaining stable and doing well, we are hopeful that we can bring her home soon, possibly even tonight.
As I'm sure you can imagine the hospital bills have gotten very high.  We have poured every penny we have into this, but are still falling short.  We have set up a Go Fund Me page (link below) and are hoping to raise money for the expense.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much for anything that you can do, even sending good thoughts our way.
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You take your blessings where you can. Pass this every morning on the way to the hospital and while the land being turned into houses makes me very, very sad, the buildings and tractor always do my heart good. #secondvacation #hospitalstay #farm #barn #silverlining #citymousecountrymouse

The coolest discovery around the hospital has been #nativefoods . Vegan foods with good ingredients!
I know you’ve seen my obsession with the Korean cauliflower but this new jackfruit Mexican fusion thing is so awesome! I know it’s goofy but when I eat vegan stuff I feel healthier 😂 even though I know not all things are better options than the animal product they often want to mimic.
Vegan places come up with the coolest stuff though! My favorite discovery has definitely been jackfruit and cheese made with almonds! Tell me your favorite vegan discoveries 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Day 6 in the hospital. Today we are bringing in the big gun meds because nothing else is working quickly enough. It’s been 5 days since he had a drink of water, 7 days since he ate, and 21 days since he felt like his normal healthy self. I can count on one hand the times I’ve heard him truly complain about all of this. He has every right to pitch a massive fit about his life getting turned upside down, but he hasn’t done it. I’ve asked him to just lay it on me because I could take it, but he never has. He just rides the emotion out, processes it, and before you know it he has a smile back on his face. Such a brave kid! ❤️ #autoimmunewarrior #lovethiskid #hospital #hospitalstay #ulcerativecolitis #treatment

Finally got these things out of my system.. a year after..🤣🤣😅😅
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HELLO! 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋 I've been absent from my Instagram for the past week. We've had an awful time if I'm honest as Tiggy was admitted to Hospital with a severe infection. I didn't post as all of my energy was 100% focused on Tiggy and her health as well as keeping the boys happy too. Any parent hates seeing their little ones in pain but this worry was on another level for me personally. The pressure on the family was immense. Needing to be there for Tiggy whilst having the demands and needs of the boys to meet as well. Not to mention work etc. It was so hard!
Anyway' thanks to THE most incredible care from the staff at @chesterfield_royal_hospital and a 4 day stay hooked up to IV antibiotics on the Nightingale Ward my little Tiggy Ann is home where she belongs once more and I am So thankful. Here's to health and happiness and the fabulous NHS.
Also special thanks to my amazing friends and family who rallied round to help and for all the messages of good will. Mwah ❤❤❤❤

Day 9 in the hospital. Today Vincent will be having #surgery to have a #gtube placed in his #stomach to help him get #extranutrients to make him #stronger. He is patiently waiting for them to come get him. He’s being #sobrave during this #hospitalstay #cfwarrior #cfawareness💜 #sixtyfiveroses🌹 #psuedomonas #cfrd #MRSAofthelungs He’s the #strongest #bravest #youngman I know. My grandson is my #hero. Good luck Vincent we will be here when you wake up. 🙏🏻👼🏻

A gentle and caring man who we see regularly when we are admitted to HW3.
A person who probably doesnt get enough recognition for what he does.
We met Denis nearly 7 years ago when tulli had her first admission to the kids ward. Not only does he volunteer for the hospital but for a number of other places too! What an incredible fella giving up his time to help others!
Yesterday i captured this special moment.... in this moment our sweet girls movements were a little out of control and with the soft touch on the hand her movement settled and she calmed down immediately!
Tulli girl may have given a cheeky smile or two (and sucked you right in) resulting in a 10 min 'hand massage' but nothing was a bother... thank you for doing what you do!! Your a true legend denis!! @barwon_health -
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Kayla, you know, you’ve accomplished a ton of really awesome shit these past almost 28 years. I could remind you about all the details like when you started a social media community from the ground up before social media REALLY existed, or how you went from wall flower to group fitness instructor...even when you moved half way across the country barely knowing anyone. (Did I mention made it into a Core group on a major NBC TV show when you didn’t think you could ever do something like that?!?)
▪️ Details aside, you did these and so many more amazing things because you did the following....
1️⃣ you stopped worrying about what other people thought about you and just went for it
2️⃣ you stopped seeking constant approval from people who dont deserve it
3️⃣ you took failure as a learning opportunity and kept pushing forward
4️⃣ you dreamed bigger than you ever had before
5️⃣ instead of waiting for opportunity, you CREATED IT
▪️ I know it’s easy to fall back into old habits but don’t let that hold you back. You’ve made moves so many can only dream of, but not only that is you’ve shown them what is possible.....but most importantly, and I know you’ll agree, is you’ve amazed yourself in every process. You trusted the process. ▪️ Now what are you waiting for already? I’ve got your back

Back in hospital 2nd July as still no movement in my legs or feet so my team wants to investigate. #hospitalstay #fight #mitochondrial #warrior

After two days in the hospital, I’m free and have makeup on lol thankful for all the prayers!! Another battle to fight •

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In hospital overnight and here for another night. Life can be crazy and this is totally crazy #hospitalstay #roomwithaview

Its not as bad as you think #hospitalstay #autoimmunedisease #mylife

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