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Hortense Pajtler 🇫🇷 (Paris Opera Ballet School)
Solutions4Dancers: Are you attending a summer course this year? If not, what do your summer plans consist of?
Hortense: I attended the Victor Ullate Ballet in Madrid for 1 week. I love this summer intensive but it's very intense.
Solutions4Dancers: What summer courses have you attended in the past?
Hortense: I did princess grace at Monaco 3 years ago. I was a little girl so I didn't like it very much but I will try it again later because I think it's better when you are older. Before entrance at opera ballet school I did the first summer and loved it. I did other little summer intensive like Nîmes, Perpignan (in my old school), and in August I do the summer intensive of Biarritz. Also, during my competitions I did master classes where I had the occasion to meet other dancers and professors. For me, it's not good to do lots of Summers intensive in one summer because on holidays it is done to relax so 2 weeks is good enough.
Solutions4Dancers: What have you enjoyed most about your summer experiences?
Hortense: This summer intensive is great because I can work with other professors and learn different techniques. I can discovered new studio so new school.

Hortense Pajtler 🇫🇷 (Paris Opera Ballet School)
1. How did you become a student of your current ballet school?
When I was 4 years I began dance class in a little school near my home. I did some competitions when the Director of the Opera Ballet School propose me entrance. I was only 9, so not ready to leave my home. Three years later I finally decided to tell her yes. So I passed an audition and was accepted. At the age of 12 I began my first year at POBS.

2. How many hours do you dance per week?
I dance from 1:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. each day per week. I have minimum of 8-9 hours of classical per week.

3. What is a typical day like at your school?
Every day I go to school from 8:00-12:00 a.m. I'm actually in "3eme" in France. I have passed my DNB this year, which is important for entrance into the company of the opera ballet. At 12:00 we eat and after at 1:30 pm we have one dance class for 1.5 hours each day. After that we have a planning because not every day is the same. We have music, contemporary and many different activities that adapt with our age. This year I just have music, theatre, character and History of the Dance and Anatomy of the Mouvement. We have 2 times 3 hours of classical dance per week and many hours of activities after. I live at the school, so I sleep there. I go back to my home for the weekend in the south of France.

4. What is unique about your school?
The Opera Ballet School is a school of excellence. The technique is typical French technique. It is an excellent school and an opportunity to enter the company of the Paris Opera Ballet.

Hortense Pajtler 🇫🇷 (Paris Opera Ballet School)
Solutions4Dancers: What have been some of your greatest achievements so far?
Hortense: I study at the Paris Opera Ballet School. I competed in the Youth America Grand Prix 3 times and won the Hope Award and 2nd and 3rd place. I am also a Repetto model (@repettoparis). Solutions4Dancers: What are your dreams and goals for the future?
Hortense: I want to be a professional dancer in the Paris Opera Ballet. I want to be, in French, a "danseuse etoile" and my dream is to have the top roles. I wish to dance classical and contemporary too. I love "Romeo and Juliet" and "Don Quichotte"! Congratulations, Hortense! We hope to see you as Juliet and Kitri someday!

Dancer: Hortense Pajtler
Country: France 🇫🇷
School: Paris Opera Ballet School
Welcome to Solutions4Dancers, @hortensepajtler!
Stay tuned for Hortense's first #miniview about her goals and aspirations!
Photo: Personal Collection

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