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walk to day fellow limbs club

#Horss #lidomara_club#today

שבת שלום 🐎💐

//Still haven't ridden my pony. The plan is to very soon. BUT I did start making a saddle pad today and it's going relatively well and I'm really proud of myself.\\ #tessa #shezkindahot #dun #painthorse #horss

My friends: You can't buy love and happiness. Me: but I bought a horse😂 #Adobe #gypsyvannerhorse #gypsyvannerhorseofinstagrams #horss #paint

#horss? #goddday #missu

Mr. Knightly has become a permanent member of the Le Cheval team! We are excited he will be an advanced lesson horse for our students and half-leased. #equestrian #equine #hunter #dutchwarmblood #horss

She was speedy tonight🚙🔥🐴 gotta love her❤️ #speedy #arabmare #cob #horss


If you have been following me on Instagram a very long time you may remember my mare Peach that we bred and her little foal Midnight (now named Clancy)
Well with her new owner who is now a good friend she has been put in foal to Hilkens Black Delight (who funnily enough we have also used in the past) and is due any day now! I'm so excited to see pics 😁
PC: @jule_und_portas

שבת שלום 🐎💐

Isn't he just the cutest thing ever?
You don't need to answer that. I already know he is 😏
He may not be palomino and he may not be the best jumper or have the best movements but he is one of the coolest little ponies I've ever had. He is very special. I'm so excited to compete him next year (or maybe even this year who knows) to show that he isn't just the school pony that tried to buck everyone off 😂 as long as you are smarter than him, he is no problem... most of the time 😉
Also yes after all this time I have finally decided to stop watermarking my pics. I'm just too lazy and I think it looks ugly.
Rest in peace pure_palomino watermark 2013-2017
(I just realised this picture does have a watermark because I posted the one with a watermark by accident because I'm an idiot but I promise this will be the last one now so just enjoy it)

Orchid's Koru

New Magic

Cosmo Royale

William Fox Pitt at Burghley

Ramiro B

@harzkind_'s lovely Jazz

Throwback to 2014

So I'm currently in England
Getting stuff ready for the horses to come over in 2 weeks
Also yes I am a Gryffinfor
PC: @georgiahollyhippold

(2/50) I'm honestly in love with this horse and challenge so far😁 feel free to ask questions. On to the centennial state💙#bay #horseart #digitalart #digitalhorseart #canteringhorse #horss #colorado #50Statehorsedrawingchallenge

Blackberry and her biological mother, Pumpkin. Do you see any similarities? #blackberrysjourney

Why is she white already 😂😭
Thanks for the help with this photoshoot @georgiahollyhippold

Autumn 🍂

I post this photo every year lol

Hey look who actually bothered to edit a video for once

@fraeuleinmustenstein and Vanilla yesterday! It's so cool to watch someone else ride your horse so you can see how they look. They jumped up to 1m and both of them seemed to be enjoying themselves!

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