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kitties everywhere! and a squeaky saddle and a horse that is way too proud of himself 🙃

Boo today after the show. Double clear in the 1.05m and 10th out of 50 plus riders 🤗 jacket, bridle, helmet and boots kindly sponsored by @mssequestrian #horse #horses #horsesofinstagram

Happy birthday to the best horse in the world! 🎊💕🥕🎉🍏💛 Batman turned 13 years old on Tuesday and we had a birthday party today! 🎈Batman even for a chance to meet Lisa's gorgeous bunny Melvin, and decided to give him a kiss! We had so many cool guests this year 🐶🐰👌🏼 See the rest of the birthday party photos by following the link in my bio! 😏
Thank you so much @imaginetakawi & @nordicespanola for helping me with the photos! 📷

The line was INSANE!! We are still so so grateful.. without all of you we couldnt do what we are doing now and now we can share our passion with everyone and reach our goal!!😍💪🏾

If you’re having trouble with your horse getting ahead of you, stop and assess the situation. Without realizing it, you may be unintentionally giving your horse “pre-cues” to a maneuver. When I was riding Mindy regularly, I had to be very careful of this. Because she was so in tune with me after 13 years of working together, if I even thought ahead to what I was going to ask her to do, she’d start doing it. Unconsciously, my body was giving her a subtle signal. I had to learn to not even think about the next maneuver until the exact moment I wanted her to do it.

I often see riders unconsciously cueing their horses in clinics when working on pattern exercises like the Cloverleaf Exercise or Flower Power. In each of these exercises the rider is supposed to ride their horse in a straight line before turning him one way or the other. What often happens is that the rider will be thinking ahead to the turn they’re about to make and will start to lean in that direction. It doesn’t take long before the horse realizes that when the rider leans to the right he’s going to ask for a right turn. So he figures, “Why wait until he asks me to turn right? I’ll just start to turn as soon as I feel him shift his weight.” In instances like this, it’s important that you are conscious of what your body language is telling your horse. If your horse can feel a fly land on his body, you can bet he can feel you shifting your weight, no matter how slight, in the saddle. - Clinton #ApplyTheMethod #clintonanderson #downunderhorsemanship #horses #horsemanship #horsesofinstagram


Pony with a blurry nose and clear back, because I cannot for the life of me take great photos. (😁👍🏼🙈) But I like his expression! •• #icelandichorse #slightlyblurry #nobodyisperfect #horsesofinstagram #poniesofinstagram #isländer #islandpferd #bisschenverschwommen #aberegal #rappemitschnippe

We will stay together! ❤
📷: @bellas_passion •••
Ich poste heute schon was, weil ich nicht weiß ob ich morgen genug Zeit dafür hab 😅💕

Nachher geh ich mit @bellas_passion endlich wieder zu den Pferden, ich konnte fast eine ganze Woche nicht mehr hin 😶😳 Mal sehen wie motiviert Indi nach der langen Pause ist 😂🤔

Soll ich heute mal wieder einen Livestream machen? 😂 Ich kann auch bei euren Seiten vorbeischauen und kleine Seitenvorstellungen machen 😊❤ Bringt bei der Größe meiner Seite zwar nicht mehr Follower oder so, aber vielleicht habt ihr trotzdem Lust 😅❤
Kommentiert mal "👀" wenn ihr einen Stream wollt, dann poste ich später nochmal was dazu ❤😊

Horses always keep my spirit alive. Thanks to all the beautiful horses that remind me everyday how lucky I am to be so passionate about something as incredibly magical as the soul of a horse.
@Regrann from @equinebysofia - Can't wait for spring to arrive! 🌱🌸
While we wait, let's look at this beauty ☀️
Gihles Sheza Onesock, Appaloosa mare owned by Terese Krudtaa
30K Print giveaway winners are *drumroll* @adstrgh @the.dreamers.photos @ewabe83 ✌🏻
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Chloe and Carter ~ first trip out to the paddock #🐴 #ighorses #horsesofinstagram

Mimmi's favourite trick 😍 So today was it time for long reining and Mimmi did it very well, I didn't had some expectations. But I'm glad that she did it so well today. I have not ridden her yet and after this long reining, I have make up a decision... I want her to build up muscles, only because I want to help her. I think that it will be easier to ride her, when she's stronger in her body. She was happy today when we did long reining, which is very positive! With my hand on my heart, I'm afraid when Mimmi rears and she can feel it. So it better for me and her to take it slow and build up her muscles from the ground! 😊

Una Pasqua incantevole
Una giornata unica per Pasqua, unica cavalcata indimenticabile sulle tracce della strada romana, sullo sfondo le acque
cristalline del mare di Chia tra paesaggi magnifici e selvaggi.

La cena (o il pranzo) sarà servita nel nostro Ristorante e il menù curato dai nostri Chef.
Camera e colazione a buffet internazionale, cena (o pranzo) e cavalcata a Chia al prezzo di 105 euro a persona

Per maggiori informazioni inviaci una mail!



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