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Translation for those who aren’t german:
She: “Put ur ears forward”
Horse:” That’s not a reason for drooling at me”

Do u know this situation?🤪😂

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Credit: @yourbeautyhorse
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who hates sunscreen? 🙋🏼‍♀️ i’ve been looking for a shirt to help protect me since i burn easily. i was looking for an alternative to the greasy mess. thanks to my @aztecdiamondequestrian i stayed cool and UV protected the whole ride ☀️ i’m so obsessed with this shirt i wore it all day despite me not even riding. i love the sleekness of it and the way it fits.
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Day 23 of the September Self Love Challenge.

I am Brave
I am Important
I am Free

Day 27 of my 8 week Health Challenge.

Anyone like to guess where I will be spending the day? Helping build relationships between horse and human. Building both confidence and social skills and most importantly trust. I love that I get to combine my passion of horses and helping others xo

THIS NUGGET 😍😍😍🐴 #FlashbackFriday
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Pablo was such a good boy that day but now I’m so scared to ride him bc he’s crazy😂😂
I’m trying to post everyday!!

Of Tim (@timcopejourneys), his dog Tigon & the 11 year anniversary of an epic overland journey...
Who is this Tim that I sometimes write about in my posts? You may be wondering. For starters, here is a photo of Tim pictured alongside me on the last trekking leg of my Mongolian adventure. If you do not know the name "Tim Cope", prepare yourselves for a treat of a read!
(Please note, this read will not be split into several posts, but rather continued on in the comments section. This will be one of my longest write ups, but for good reason)
11 years ago today (also September 22nd), a young Victorian man by the name of Tim Cope, completed a 10,000km equestrian journey in Opusztaszer National Park, Hungary after departing Kharkhorin (the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire as assigned by Genghis Khan) in Mongolia some 3 years beforehand. This epic ride across the Eurasian steppe covering the entire length of the old Mongol Empire.
A remarkable feat of courage & endurance as well as an experience of the full circle of all human emotions, Tim has long been a source of great inspiration to me. Though my love & deep interest in Mongolia spans longer than my knowledge of Tim & his journey, he has encouraged me to dream up & chase the seemingly impossible.
Inspired by the free spirit of the nomads & their fence-free lifestyle, Tim yearned to further understand these people & their deep connection with the land. Pursing these feelings, he uncovered more about those who made the steppe their home & who created, for themselves, the nomadic empires (revolving around the horse which is still central to nomadic life today) that peaked under Genghis Khan. This information led him to question, as quoted, "Did the nomad spirit still exist among the nations scattered across the steppes?" & "Could I (he) become a nomad, and re-ride the same trails that mounted warriors had travelled on their journeys to Europe?". He set out to discover, first hand, the answers to these questions himself despite being an amateur horseman.
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Galloping on the beach. ✔️

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