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Before & After Shoulder Freedom // Someone asked me very recently about how to achieve shoulder freedom in horses.. and I thought this was a good opportunity to share Pumpkin's progress over the last two years. I shared the top photo in the first two pictures recently, talking about how much freedom she had! The bottom photo in the first two pictures are from 2015. And the last picture is an "in between" example.. the top photo is where our sessions would start (more right and like she was in 2015 and prior) and the bottom photo is the same session but where our training would end up by the end of our practice. .
She has made such huge changes in her gait. From choppy, fast feet, no impulsion, and grumpy to forward free movement and an improved attitude! The road wasn't short or easy, and we had a bunch of trial and error.. but the road included >> improving saddle fit, osteopathic adjustments, massage therapy treatments, going barefoot, changing over to primarily positive reinforcement training, improved diet, and lots of long & low training! True change doesn't happen over night *usually* , it takes time.. patience.. and no short cuts. Pumpkin has taken a lot of work to get this kind of improvement, some horses you'll see dramatic improvement from a simple change... like saddle fit... but some horses do require time and patience and dedication to their future well being to see big changes. But you know what? It's WELL worth it. I'll take the mare I have today over the mare I had two years ago any day.. and I'd do it all again. .
Check out my website to learn more about long and low and positive reinforcement. I hope to get more information about saddle fit and hoof balance etc on their soon... but until then I have a book review for Joanna Robson's book about pain in horses on my website , it's a MUST READ for all horse owners.. especially if you are having behavior or physical problems with your horse. .
Anyway, this just goes to show you that full body freedom comes from the whole horse.. if one part of the puzzle is out of place it just doesn't work. Shoulder freedom is just one part of the horse. #csPumpkin

😂😂 this photo sums us up perfectly and who is the boss of who 😅 --------------------------------------------Best caption will get a shoutout in my story! Would love to hear your ideas 👇🏻
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This is what we did the last day in the stable at my school, @stendhestefag! It was so fun, and the little pony, called Mikado, is just the cutest😍
Take a look at @stendhestefag to see what else we're doing at my school, and give it a follow😎

It's a beautiful morning in Monroe, WA at the Evergreen Equestrian Park for day two of the #WalkaboutTour presented by @ritchiewaterers!
If you were wondering, the answer is no - not a single blade of grass goes undetected by Phoenix 😂 #applythemethod #horsemanship #downunderhorsemanship #clintonanderson #horses


'ANDYS COMING!!!'-toy story
this is gold bahahahhaa. he's so clumsy sometimes 😂💀 no we didn't fall all the way down this was in october sometime 😂-harley

Messe Tag 3 💕💕💕 Meine hübsche #buckskin Maus ist total verliebt in ihren #Trainer #tombüchel .... Sie weicht ihm nicht mehr von der Seite und wollte am Liebsten nur noch mit ihm kuscheln.
Wenns klappt fahren wir im Oktober auf einen #Bosal Kurs bei ihm. Riesig gefreut hat mich auch das viele positive Feedback zu Chexy von den Zuschauern... alles richtig gemacht 😍

#QH #Stute #Chexy #reitsportmesserheinmain #horsemanship #pferd #pferde #showhorse #horsesofinstagram #horse #mainz #stolz #reiten #westernreiten #coolesocke #menschbinichuffjerescht

Good night 💙❤️💜

📸: @trinegr02

Look at their feet! Perfectly synchronised 👌 I find that pretty special because normally they have a very different walk. Still they found the same rythm here, being a team! It's not a coincidence because it's in all the pictures of that moment and I like it 😍 today was a new adventure with both of them and Dunhill's first trailride with lots of strange horses in a new environment. She did great! So proud! And very grateful for my trailer-assistent Sofie. She makes it all so much easier! Does anyone else use a more experienced horse to teach a younger horse? #rythm #team #newadventures #trailride #teaching

Der Nachwuchs musste ran👍🏻 Ein erfolgreiches Wochenende in Wiesloch ist vorbei. Zwei Starts, zweimal verkackt😂 Nein, ich bin sehr zufrieden.😄 Tino war einfach zu nervös ,ich denke das legt sich je mehr Routine er bekommt und mit Connor bin ich auch sehr zufrieden dafür das er eigentlich garnicht für diese Prüfung vorgesehen war und ich die letzte Zeit auch nicht für eine L mit ihm trainiert habe.😅 Nächstes mal bekommen wir bestimmt auch mal wieder eine Schleife ab!😌😻🐎 #madoufashionreitsport #lookingforward #dressage #noluck #futurestar #fuchs #dressagehorse #pony #perfectlybritish #englishhorse #tournament #horsemanship

Aragon was perfect today :) #horseforlease

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