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Would you dare play w/ an ouija board❓

Hassle in the Castle— 👻

The Beautiful Stranger : The Ghost of Kate Morgan & The Hotel Del Coronado. Often seen wandering the hotel halls or standing along the shoreline. She's also been seen inside room 3327, sitting on the far side of the bed, in the bathroom doorway and in the reflection of a black television screen. Are you brave enough to stay in room 3327❓ #hoteldelcoronado #katemorgan #lottiebernard #ghostofkatemorgan #ghoststories #halloween #october #autumn #fall #holiday #nostalgia #happiness #happyhalloween #halloweennight #halloweencostume #halloweenmask #trickortreat #horror #horrorfan #horrorclub #horrornerd #horrorgram #horrorfamily #horrorpage #ilovehorror #horrormovie #70shorror #80shorror #slasher #horrormosity

Case de Michael Myers. 25 days until he returns home 🎃🔪 (Pt. 1)

Case de Michael Myers. 25 days until he returns home 🎃🔪 (Pt. 2)

Celebrate Friday the 13th‼️ 👻


Hassle in the Castle— 👻

Would you dare play w/ an ouija board❓


A day at the arcade— 👾

The magazine that’s a HOWLING success‼️ 👻🕸 photo by : @r.p.swirl

📽 #ZODIAC #2007 🚘🗞 “When a series of murders terrorized California, one man took responsibility for them all‼️”

“Queen Of Spades, Four Of Hearts, Eight Of Spades, Two Of Spades, Jack Of Diamonds, Jack Of Clubs…‼️”

“Stop it, please, for God's sake, please stop it. There's no more time! Please stop it. Stop it now. Turn it off! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! STOP IT!” ☘️ Happy Birthday #TOMATKINS ‼️ I was truly “thrilled” to meet you😉 Thank you for being so kind. I also spy the lovely @horrorgal in the background.

“Beetlejuice... Beetlejuice... BEETLEJUICE‼️”

📽 #STRANGERTHINGS2 #2017 “The world is turning upside down‼️”

East coast dream 🍁

Smile, it’s Friday 👹

1) Halloween II 2) New Years Evil 3) The Return of the Living Dead 4) Silent Night Deadly Night 5) My Bloody Valentine. What can I say, I’m a holiday horror guy. What are some of your favorites of the 80’s⁉️

@horrormerch straight killing the game 🔥

📽 #THEHOUSESOCTOBERBUILT ##2014 🏚🎃 “In the search for the most extreme haunt, the haunt found them‼️”

📽 #WHENASTRANGERCALLS #2006 ☎️ “Whatever you do.. don’t answer the phone‼️” I remember being so excited for this remake. It’s crazy to see how far movies have come in just 10 years. I haven’t seen it since it was in theaters. I remember liking it a lot more before!

📽 #WHENASTRANGERCALLS #1979 ☎️ “Have you checked the children❓”

📽 #SLEDGEHAMMER #1983 🏠 “Flesh tears— Bones shatter— The nightmare has begun‼️” Thank you @splatterxbrained for this grab 🖤

“The Halloween season has always been incredibly special to me” 🎃👻🍂@witchingseasonfilms check out & support this Instagram / YouTube channel. If you’re a lover of everything Halloween, do yourself the favor‼️

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