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Feeling really sad, where is humanity? How can this happen? May Allah SWT help Syrian refugees. May He shower his blessings and mercy on these small innocent children. So heartbreaking to see these images. Dua is such a powerful weapon, let's take a few minutes out today to pray for these innocent children #ohAllahpleasehelp #innocentkids #horribleworld

My heart is with the families ! U can't die during a party! #horribleworld #bpm #bpmfestival #sad ❤️😭🙏⭐️💐 @vibesclubs @bmpfestival

And all this #horribleworld would disappear and I could be the happiest me ☺😊😚

Terribly Sad for London!!! A concert for basically young kids!! #Manchester #Frightening #HorribleWorld

Heartbreaking watching the news updates on the attack in Manchester. What kind of a world are we living in 😢 #Manchester #sosad #family #horribleworld #thefunkypineappples

After a long week with all the horrible things going on in the world I wanted to share some love❤️🌹🌸 #love#flowers#heart#horribleworld


Les femmes se sont égarées... 👊💣 #horribleworld #godblessamerica #nowordsneeded #trumpcheats

Oh shit... someones going through the old #photos.
#endoftheworld #horribleworld #1stworldproblems


Can't believe it's been a whole year.. and still no closer to answers!! Love you so much gramp, missing you everyday 😭😭 #granddad #missing #grave #roses #love #forever #sad #horribleworld

This look of absolute despair (accompanied by real tears and about 10 minutes of sobbing) was over my holding firm that she had to try that one bite of sweet pepper and one bite of spinach on her napkin. #Elliott #3 #thisis3 #onebiterule #dictatormommy #horribleworld #negotiations #plussobbing

🕯#mindfulness. focus on the good. Does not mean you will have or nor can’t avoid negative situation. But see in every situation something positive. It would Safe you a lot of stress,energy and drama. #shithappen #horribleworld.#keepinggoing #donotletanyonebringyoudown or stop you from living. #sadworld#lasvegas

Hearing about this and seeing pictures and videos makes me scared to step out my front door. Absaloutly disgusting world we live in and feels like it's getting worse every day. Can't imagine how it would of felt to be part in this situation and my heart goes out to everyone who was involved 💔 #prayforvegas #horribleworld #terrifying

Why do we deserve such a cruel world really? Killing innocent people for no reason at all is not the way to be! What is the world coming to? I say we already live in hell in todays world with all the real bad things that go on today... It really is selfish and evil to kill the innocent in my opinion and you may dislike somebody but killing them leaves me completely speechless and it touches me to think that there are people out there now who have to live without their families and without their close ones such as friends too😭. It really makes me emotional to know that there are some really evil and cruel people out there and honestly there is no need for it! You aren't getting nothing out of it, all you are getting is hate and unwanted attention off those who I'm sure will agree with me weather it's the same or more in depth but in todays world peace doesn't exist and neither does freedom because there are people out there who will have to live with being permanently scarred- physically and mentally and yes physical pain does heal but what about the mental scarring side of all things like this? People can only get physical support by talking to someone but deep down they will still be scarred😢😧. I don't understand how people can be so vile, selfish and horrid to anybody it is literally a disgrace and at one time people used to go out with having freedom but now people are so terrified or in such shock/ in such a state it is making some people not even want to go out their front doors and it really shouldn't have to be like that, but unfortunately it is in some worse cases though😪😤. Nowadays a the world is full of now is evil people weather it's a type of terrorism or what but there is no excuse for killing someone especially the innocent because they deserve freedom... Rest in peace to all those who passed away and thoughts go out to those who are in pain and are suffering, I hope you recover gently🙏🏻🌎❤️.

I am ready to go back now thoughts with those affected today! #Vegas #blues #holiday #sunshine #america #fountains #hotels #exploring #throwback #memories #summer #prayers #horribleworld

"Dès que je le voyais, je me cachais" dit Tahani (à gauche). Elle avait 6 ans lors de son mariage avec Majed, 25 ans. À côté d'elle, son ancienne camarade de classe, Ghada, également mariée.
Hajjah, Yémen.

@tooyoungtowed, magnifique mais surtout bouleversant. N'est pas humain celui qui reste insensible face à ce travail incroyable de @stephsinclairpix !! #tooyoungtowed #womenrights #humanrights #sadness #pain #nowords #Horribleworld 🤦🏽‍♂️😔

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