Guess who's down with strep 🙋. I've not nothing clever or cute to say because I feel like I'm dying a slow, miserable death (#DramaticMuch?). So here's my frugal outfit from a business dinner with Bubba the other night...because I don't know what else to post 😜. Jacket 👉🏻 @tjmaxx
Top 👉🏻 yard sale
Jeans 👉🏻 @buckle
Shoes 👉🏻 @zulily
Crazy phone button holder thing is called a PopSocket and I can't live without it!
Now if you don't mind, I'm going to crawl back into the fetal position and complain some more. #SendSlushies #HorribleLightingSorry #ShamelessBathroomSelfie

Lemme just post all of my drawings again
Until i finish a new one-

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