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13 years ago today🙀

A million fireflies all around!
Hell bound 😉
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Oh simple thing where have you gone? I'm getting old and I need something to rely on. So tell me when you're gonna let me in? I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

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When the stress is over and the show is complete. Thank you everybody in the show and the audience (even the ones who left or couldn't make it). ❤
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This foreign student in the U.S. fears for his future under Trump. Nadeem Omar Shad, 23, is a U.K. citizen studying journalism in New York. Shad said the Trump administration's anti-immigration rhetoric is making it harder for students to get the visas they need to work in the U.S. He said that his foreign friends feel the same.

Sidewalk treasures... #hopesandfears

Throwback to this bright bonfire under starry skies, reminiscent of fleeting friendships. The coolest part of a flame is at its center and it's hottest at its edge, the two seemingly intermingle somewhere, like our hopes and fears. Look closely enough, they even seem to reflect off each other.
Are they then the same? And if you must, which one do you burn? Burn your hopes or your fears, that's the dilemma. #throwbackthursday #bonfirenight #hopesandfears #suchislife #cestlavie


13 years ago today🙀

Ironic to awake to election results in MT then open my book to this chapter...
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И вот она сперва долго плакала, а потом стала злая #girl #me #mood #hopesandfears #life

We all have an inborn sense of survival. Sometimes that sense gets distorted by life bruises. Sometimes we become hyper-competitive looking for a place to be valued and belong. Some have to learn to take second place.
In my own life I had to learn it’s ok to win. It’s ok to be successful. It’s ok to be good at something and have others recognize it. My own tendencies are to not care. I can pretend to not care so easily that once upon a time I thought I didn’t. 😂 If you know me, you know that is about as far from the truth as you can get. I can be passionate to the point of fierce. And if you’ve come close to my ferocity you have come close to the Father’s heart. My ferocity is nothing compared to his when your heart is at stake. 🦁 A few years ago I would never have been so BRAVE and BOLD as to say that!!! But here I am loving that part of who I am that reflects I AM.
Some are competitive about every. single. thing. I refuse to pick up every measuring stick offered to me. I will celebrate your victories. I will urge you to own them, wear your ribbons & medals with pride. Those tokens are hard earned. I will honor your efforts and the fruit of your efforts. I will also let it challenge me.
I will wear mine with pride too. I have wrestled dragons and butterflies for these. Learning to slay the dragon without damaging the butterfly is tricky tricky. But I am learning to walk close to God; to hear him say turn here, give that up, change that thought. There is no place I would rather be.
I heard someone say, “There is no better place to be than exactly where God wants you.” @little_herk When we know that we know, peace comes. We can lay down our divisive competitiveness and our cowardly acquiescence and stand in all He has created us to be and we will all be better for it.
Meme quote by Amy Carmichael - “If”

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"A house on fire, a wall of stone, a door that once was opened, an empty face and empty bones." #Keane #untitled1 #hopesandfears #aldeburgh #suffolk #derelict #abandonedplaces

Drezno rok temu. Mroczno-słoneczne. Prorocze. Nadzieja i niepewność. Nie polubiliśmy się. Ale cascara z tonikiem została ze mną.
Dresden a year ago. Sunny and gloomy. Prophetic. Hopes and fears. Definitely not love at first sight. I kept cascara tonic though.
Mut steht am Anfang des Handelns, Glück am Ende.
Ein Leben ohne Freude ist wie eine weite Reise ohne Gasthaus.
Was brauchst du wirklich?

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