Ok. Just one more Royal Wedding post...I was discussing with one of my best single girlfriends about how the relationship and subsequent marriage of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry has renewed our hope in love. It’s so inspiring to see a woman that is fiercely and unapologetically herself, find the love of a prince in this crazy world. Here’s to being ourselves, to finding love and to God working in miraculous ways 🙏🏼

Hope is like your car keys. Easy to lose, but if you dig around, it’s usually close by. -Superman.
Two of my three loves 💜.
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Oh, my friend, I wish you could see them, steady points of light set against a blanket of midnight blue. There is no more tranquil a place than sitting beneath the night sky, cool breeze brushing against your skin. It is a reminder that we are SO small in the whole scheme of things, and HE is SO big! Indeed, what ARE we that He considers us, I echo the psalmist. Oh, my friend, how I wish you were here, to think deep thoughts with me, and to dream big dreams. To thank God for our blessings and imagine the details of eternity. This old night sky has always left me breathless, and feeling somehow closer to God. I pray that you too would take the time to step out and consider, for there is a designer, and HIS greatness is overwhelming! #areweLIT #LivingInTruth #hopeinlove #overwhelmed

Sometimes life makes you struggle to overcome and this and my reason why I still fight #familymatters#hopeinlove#dontgiveup#believeinlove

#ShakTattoo #Tattoo #Lettering #BlackIntenze #HopeInLove #TattooVzla buenos dias muchachones. comenzando con buen pie.

Night papereads🤗 . . .
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Takes courage, but if we do it at God's throne of grace, with an understanding of Jesus' sacrifice, and by the "power, love, and self-discipline" (2Timothy 1:7) of the Holy Spirit that is in us, we can cut away the sins, worries, regret, and hurts, both past and present, that haunt us and weigh us down! Let's forgive others! Let's forgive ourselves! Let's move on! 🙌🏻 We have been uniquely prepared! #mondaymotivation #areweLIT #LivingInTruth #hopeinlove #amazinggrace

Amo você ♡
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Y no te van a querer soltar ni cambiar jamás! #HopeInLove 🍁

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