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Кадр, который напоминает лето) холодная осень 2017, ушедшее тепло и надежда, что завтрашнее утро унесет все печали многомысленного сегодня. Чудо живёт в моём сердце, неумолчно твердит о себе без видимых причин, шепчет, что рядом и всегда со мной #tearsofmysoul #hopeinlove #hopeinwarmworld

Wait for someone that makes u smile so hard that your cheeks hurt and loves u so much that u can feel it thought their fingertips when they brush the hair out of your eyes and lean in to kiss u ✨#love #mood #hopeinlove

This handsome fellow turned a month old yesterday 😭😭... and I might put him in a bubble in a bomb proof room. Okay I won't be that crazy mom.. but maybe just a little crazy. Many prayers for all affected by the LV shooting and for our nation, may God shine ever so brightly with his love. #sirhenrywayne #whatayeartobeborn #hopeinlove #2017

E,então, fazer valer a pena cada verso Daquele poema sobre acreditar 🎶❤
#happy #me #hopeinlove

“Pois de amor andamos todos precisados! Em dose tal que nos alegre, nos reumanize, nos corrija, nos dê paciência e esperança, força, capacidade de entender, perdoar, ir pra frente...” (Carlos Drummond de Andrade) ❣️
#hopeinlove #lovealways #loveinallthings #onlylove

"But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness." [Psalm86:15] #FaithInHope #HopeInLove #LoveNeverFails

I love the time I spend with this little one! She was home sick today 😪 and looking at the bright side it was a great "excuse" to see her tiny face and hear her tiny voice 💕 just warms my heart! #hopeinlove #lovemyfamily #lovewhatido #greatjob


You know, sometimes we have those seasons where we feel there is not much to be thankful for. It may be that you're dealing with illness, grief, loss of a job, a broken relationship, or some other trying circumstance. Whatever you face as a clay vessel, know that God is still in the midst of it, ready to comfort as you face what the world and the fallible flesh dishes out, and that Jesus died so that we could have hope no matter our struggle. If we stay focused on the light of God's TRUTH, we will ALWAYS have the POWER to give thanks, and the lies that pain and uncertainty bring, can fade into the shadows. God bless, my friends! #areweLIT #LivingInTruth #livegrateful #hopeofHeaven #hopeinlove #amazinggrace

Dear LOVE and others.
If you really want something, you will find a WAY. If you do not, you will find an EXCUSE
#hopeinlove #international #hopefools

I SO love this season! Brisk air, football, Fall colors, family gatherings, and one of my favorite holidays right after the other. First, Thanksgiving, with foods we've waited all year to enjoy - pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and casseroles for a crowd! (Notice I mentioned the desserts first! 😜) Then, no sooner do we clean up, we pull the Christmas tree and decor from the attic, and begin all over again - same song of thankfulness, different verse! Pies turn to warm cookies, sticky icing, and all things peppermint. The burnt oranges, crimson, and sunflower yellows are exchanged for cheerful poinsettia reds, bright evergreens, white, and sparkles! Scarecrows are tucked away to make room for nativity scenes, angels, snowmen, and reindeer. Gatherings again, but this time with smiling expectant faces as gifts are unwrapped and praises of a different kind sung to the gift given to all mankind, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Back-to-back rejoicing - one, in God's blessings given throughout our year, and the other rejoicing in the gift that brought eternity! Join me throughout the day today on my Living In Truth Facebook page, where I will share songs that bring me joy and make me sing out loud to the "rock of our salvation". May we ALL rejoice and praise God, our Father, the giver of all good and perfect gifts! God bless, my friends, and have a marvelous Monday and a FaBuLoUs week! #livegrateful #areweLIT #LivingInTruth #hopeinlove #amazinggrace

Oh, the things we take for granted! Still struggling with fatigue, I stood in the assembly this morning for the first time in two Sundays and with so much thankfulness, sang out praises to my God, and how sweet it was! May you too, no matter what you face, find peace and satisfaction in praying and thanking God on this day set aside to worship and rest in His Truth, in His love, and in His blessings! #livegrateful #areweLIT #LivingInTruth #hopeinlove #amazinggrace

My friend, I don't know about you, but most days all I can see are the demands, distractions, disappointments, and pain of this world! Let's draw near to our Heavenly Father by delving into His Word, asking Him to supernaturally open our eyes to specific Truths that our hearts need! Each day brings new challenges, and His Word offers fresh Truth for each one! Making this practice of drawing near and delving in a daily routine, with open eyes and open hearts, is nothing short of miraculous! Fresh perspective awaits! It's #freedomFriday y'all! #areweLIT #LivingInTruth #openeyes #openheart #hopeinlove #amazinggrace

Paul tells Timothy to pray actively for those in authority, so that we can live pleasing to the Lord. And what is pleasing? A peaceful, quiet, life well-lived. In God's eyes, the #goodlife is a #godlylife. #tidbitofTRUTHtuesday #areweLIT #LivingInTruth #hopeinlove #amazinggrace

Oh, yes, my friends, let us come! Running for His arms, believing in this promise! Weary, physically, emotionally, and mentally, but faith firm, let us come! He proclaims this a day of rest, then let us use it to rest in HIM! Not in vices of the world, but in the arms of a Savior who paid it all so that we could rest in the hope that His sacrifice brings us all! Let us rest from burden and praise Him! Let us trade our weariness for worship!
#areweLIT #LivingInTruth #hopeinlove #amazinggrace #findrestinJesus #standfirm

Locked in the thought that somewhere beyond the horizon another adventure awaits...🔒🌅🗺💗
#lovetravel #eachdayanewhorizon #enujtravel #beyondthehorizon #onedayatatime #beautifulworld #choosehappy #hopeinlove

Positivity is like a boomerang. The more we put it out there, the more it comes back to us...at least I hope it will.
Anyway what goes around, comes around.
#pickoftheday #bestoftheday #feel #instaphotos #lastnight #nightout #nights #instalife #instagoods #myway #mylook #instastyle #instame #instalook #makeup #positivity #insta #hopeinlove #rooftop #radiorooftop #milano #goodlife #lovelife

What a blessing to be called to lean on HIS power! "...be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power." Ephesians 6:10 #areweLIT #LivingInTruth #hopeinlove #amazinggrace

"God's voice thunders in marvelous ways; He does great things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow, 'Fall on the earth,' and to the rain shower, 'Be a mighty downpour.' So that all men He has made may know His work, He stops every man from his labor." Job 37:5-7 Oh Lord, oh my King, my Heavenly Father, there are so many things we do not understand, but as we cry out, seeking rest and relief, we can live in this Truth, as we live in our own truth, that YOU alone are God! You ARE all-powerful! YOU can be trusted! #areweLIT #LivingInTruth #hopeinlove #amazinggrace #livegrateful #ineventhis

"Consider it pure joy...whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance." Oh Lord, that part is hard. It is so hard, and I feel so weak. Joy, Lord? I know joy is not happiness, but rather contentment, free of sadness and worry, but Lord, this. I am tired. So tired. Fear breathes down my neck and bellows in the trees, too close for comfort, Lord. I hear him. The vibration of it rattles me to my bones. Where is joy in this dense forest of unknowns? "Perseverance must finish its work..." Yes, Lord! Yes. Please help me persevere. I know your Truth. I have asked through countless tears and weary sobs, and hear You whisper, "My grace is sufficient." I know you are powerful when I am weak, because then, and only then will I remember in whom i must trust. I will dig my roots deep and draw closer to Your waters. I know there is power in Your waters! I will draw them in deeply "...so that I may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." You, oh Lord, are my strength. You, oh Lord, are the lover of my soul. Place Your hand on me, that I may persevere, by YOUR hand, and YOUR power! #areweLIT #LivingInTruth #hopeinlove #amazinggrace James 1:2-4, 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

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