So I announced some pretty A M A Z I N G
news on my FB the other day but I am finally sharing it here.
You ready for it — drum roll please

My Hubby is an A U T H O R!
*confetti release* 😂

And even though it’s only been a couple of days — I am already proclaiming that he will be a New York Times Best Selling Author 😆
(hey—we aim high over here at the HOPE household)!
You see, I believing in calling those things as though they are 🙌🏽

Listen here — I am so proud of my husband that I can’t even express it in words.
He never ceases to amaze me 😍

I always knew there was a book in him, but to be honest, I wasn’t expecting this!
He’s a Pro at everything that he does + now he’ll be helping millions across the world become pros at creating healthy boundaries.
That makes me SO excited!

P.R.O.S. stands in a league of its own but if I had to compare it to something I would say that it is the modern day #richdadpoordad.

@prosbychrishope is a MUST read for everyone interested in all things legacy + asset preservation.

P.R.O.S. officially launches Sept 29th
BUT a lucky 100 of you have the opportunity to get your hands on a signed copy NOW!

Go grab your copy RIGHT NOW on Amazon or visit www.prosbychrishope.com
Drop a comment below if you can’t wait to read it!
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What’s hope? And what is love...? And what’s hope in love...?
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My current situation...😉

Living out God’s Truth is not always easy. There will be family and friends who don’t understand your obedience and distance themselves, justifying their sin. There will be those who roll their eyes at and turn their backs on your dedication and enthusiasm for God’s ways. My friend, stand firm though you may stand alone. Press forward though you may find yourself walking alone. Upon reading God’s Word you will find that the faithful ones in those days felt lonely and rejected at times, too, but God assured them of His presence and always fulfilled His promises. Our Heavenly Father guides those who seek Him and never leaves those who entrust their life to Him. #areweLIT #LivingInTruth #mondaymotivation #hopeinlove #amazinggrace #showmetheWay

Don't treat people as bad as they are,Treat them as good as you are❤
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Good afternoon Tuesday. Thinking about the word “hope” as I look at this image. Beautiful skies and peaceful ocean. Hope. Just four letters but such a very powerful word. When we have hope, we can master difficult situations. And often it is hope that gets us through challenging times. Tomorrow is a new month. And there is hope that it will be a great month. Positivity and feeling hopeful is so important on our parenting journey. And helping our children feel hopeful can be a great gift to them. Have a great Tuesday. And hopefully August will bring new adventures and success . #hope #hopeful #hopeforfuture #hopeinlove #hopefornewmonth #parenting #loverelationships #stayhopeful #reframe #findhope #lessons #hoperunseternal #adventures #august #miami #miamibeach #southbeach #newyork #florida #california

Talking to the moon by bruno mars enjoy this edit 😊
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With the dawning of each new day comes new opportunity. A list of priorities in hand, we set out to conquer the daily obstacles, solve the problems, quell the conflicts, and follow the agendas. However, the dawning of each new day can also bring the opportunity to sit at our Father’s feet and be still, even if only for a moment or two. What love and assurance and direction time with Him can bring. His Word breathes life into those priorities by giving them a higher purpose, and with higher purpose comes strength to conquer, wisdom to solve, patience to quell, and proper perspective to follow. My friend, I challenge you this week to wake up 5 minutes earlier than normal (or more) and meet with Your Heavenly Father. Allow time for each new day to bring you word of His unfailing love. His love satisfies. His Truth equips. #areweLIT #LivingInTruth #mondaymotivation #hopeinlove #amazinggrace

Ох и радует же этим летом нас погодка!
И как же огорчает меня тот факт, что кататься загород я смогу только через пару месяцев 😯 но все лучше, чем ничего 😎
И да, этим летом я планирую загореть! Вот серьезно
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Oh how I remember this season ten years ago. I was a year deep into a teaching assignment in a small town 40 miles from where I lived. My youngest child was a newborn when I began, so I was commuting 80 miles a day round-trip with him, my 5th grade son and my 2nd grade daughter. I was always very active within the church body, but when this commute began, that had to come to a screeching halt. There were those within the church who didn’t understand my pull-back, and frankly thought I was making excuses. The guilt weighed on me, because I knew how hard it was to find people willing to serve, but 5:00am waking times, feeding sessions during the night, and late evening arrivals home to cook, clean, and prepare for the next day were wearing. It was during this difficult season, that God used me in a different way. Many thoughts came to me, as God spoke into my heart during that sleepy 40 minute drive through the beauty of His creation. He awed me with His sunrises and whispered through cool foggy mornings. He reminded me of His creativity in the rolling landscape and variety of wild creatures, and assured me of His protection and provision through ice and storms. Those who thought my faith was waning, because I could not be quite as active in church events, had no idea that I was worshipping daily and that He was building my faith stronger through every mile. I decided to share these “thoughts” by email to friends, coworkers, and parents who might be interested. That email list grew as word spread and I was encouraged by a coworker to self-publish, which I did. Was I serving? You bet! I had numerous people reach out to me who had needed the encouragement. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverb 27:17 became my life verse during that 3 year commute. My 30 minute lunch breaks were my writing sessions. My friend, life has seasons, just as nature does. Let us not allow guilt in during difficult times; instead, ask God to include you into His creativity and provide you ways to serve that fit your current season. HIS ways AREN’T limited by OUR circumstances! It’s #freedomfriday y’all! #areweLIT #LivingInTruth #hopeinlove #serveineveryseason

There's beauty in many things. You just need an eye for it #destinyempire
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To those who treasure wisdom, God gives more wisdom. Mistakes made, wrongs committed against them, injustice, loss, or sudden change will bring strength, because their mind, heart, and soul are founded on the solidity of God’s everlasting wisdom, not the superficial and ever-shifting opinions of the world. He breathes His knowledge into spiritual lungs that crave His life-giving oxygen, gaining good judgment that makes things right, aligns with God’s promises, and gives courage. #areweLIT #LivingInTruth #treasurewisdom #seektodiscern #hopeinlove

Be still! Look at me! Life is not easy, life is not difficult.. Let God speak within you, and your thoughts will grow silent. But every step and every day lead you back again. #wildlove #wilderness #forest #blackandwhite #creative #leavesfalling #blackandwhitephotographer #humannature #hopeinlove #artgram #naturephotography #darkside #brightness

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