Tem dias que a tristeza nos toma de assalto. Mas a Jesus disse que quem está nele e o obedece, a alegria seria completa. É nessa esperança que vou abraçar,cê é essa oração que vou balbuciar: completa-me com tua alegria, e isso me será suficiente.

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This is a command...walk in faith

The Lord is on my side......

When you have HOPE and PEACE, there’s nothing you cannot handle.
So, may hope rise within you and may peace overshadow you. In Jesus Name 🙏🏽
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Find Rest /Francesca Battistelli
He never sleeps, He never slumbers
He's been awake at every hour
No tear catches Him by surprise
He's never lost, He never runs out
He never lives in the shadows of doubt
No fear catches Him by surprise
Find rest my soul
Put your hope in God
Put your hope, put your hope in God
He always is, He always will be
He always has been everything I need
How can this be catching me by surprise
He's ever strong, He's ever faithful
His love is real, now nothing is impossible
'Cause nothing catches Him by surprise
Find rest my soul
Put your hope in God
Put your hope, put your hope in God
I close my eyes, and I can see
The arms of mercy holding me
I close my eyes, and I can see
The arms of Jesus holding me
Find rest my soul
Put your hope in God
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Karena masa depan sungguh ada dan harapan tidak akan hilang - Amsal 23:18

Happy Sunday 🙏 // Batam, 11 Maret 2018.


Today’s prayer:
Lord Jesus,
There are days more difficult than others to face the world. Today is one of those days my heart wishes to avoid all and retreat to the center of my soul where only You are found.
This morning, as the sky is filled with gray clouds and the rain pours down, my anxiety rises, sadness begins to weigh upon me. I anticipate how stormy and rainy days such as this affect my being.

I cry out to You, “Jesus, do not abandon me to the storms which rage around and within me!” Before a moment begins to pass, You fill me with Your peace. I know You are close, right beside me. You will walk with me this day. Your love will sustain me. I know this day will not be easy, but I can rest in the peace of knowing my Savior, my God will not leave my side.
I rise, filled with Your strength. I have the certainty of knowing whatever may pass, my Lord is with me. He will keep me afloat.
My heart, my soul cries out with joy — I am a beloved child of God, who knows the love of the Father, the mercy of the Son and the peace of the Holy Spirit!

As for me and my family, we will always have hope... Hope in God! Our hope is as alive as Jesus!
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Life update: I’ve moved to Redding!

Prayer request: housing and car and school to work out. Made more complicated because of health issues.
That’s it in a nutshell.
If you don’t quit, you win. (There was no sufficient gas mask emoji)

A lot of times on this journey you are forced to step out of your comfort zone. The wait can be unbearable and the emotions hard to manage. .
For a while now I’ve been wanting to get back to my roots of worshiping God and really believing in Him, but this journey has made it challenging. I know He must have heard that because I stumbled upon the book written by the fabulous Caroline Harries @trustinginduetime. I bought it on a whim thinking, I’ll give it a shot. .
WOW, is all I have to say. I have resonated with every page in this book, so far. If you are like me and feeling you need to deepen your spirituality during this journey, definitely check out her book. It’s amazing. .
Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this book. I am so grateful I found it and have it as part of my journey. .
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