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Yesterday I was in Vyborg, in European town next to Saint Petersburg. This town was based in 1293, when Torkel Knutsson had lead the third crusade. In 1323 Russian emperor gave it to Finland. Finally after winter war this town was returned to Russia.
This city has a lot castles, ruins. You feel like you are into medieval streets, you listen to violin music and watch knight tournaments. I liked torture room and Knight’s hall. Thing what made me paralyzed was Iron Maiden. It was too cruel ways for tortures. Anyway if you visit Saint Petersburg you have to come here to see medieval town. You won’t see same in Russia, it’s unique.
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sneak peek: I’m submitting this photoset to @suicidegirls very soon! 🍓
this will be my comeback to the site,
after almost 4 years!
I’m comin’ in hot, watch out 🍋✨

📸: @floydianphotos took this— at the magical sacramento shootfest last weekend 💕

Happy Friday! 😘 😘

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