Hey @strawtini you remember when 19 year old you saw 22 year old me in the club dancing all those years ago and you thought I was a #HotCaucasionGoodBrother ?! Did you think that 16 years later we’d have 3 sons and another one on the way and you’d be my #HotAsianWife ?! Sure glad you wanted to come stay at my apartment and “watch movies” all those years ago 😂😍🙏😍 Happy Birthday to the one that keeps our house in line.
Thank You.
Love you.
Your special day will be filled with, being pregnant 😂, getting kids around for school, goin to doctors appointment, and Cycy’s Basketball game..... 😂😍
But maybe we can tell the boys to watch the Ninja Turtle Movie so you and I can can get some #HootTime in 😍🔥 I took a selfie this morning with all of my muscles popping and was gonna post it for you and say happy birthday 😂
But instead I found an old pic of us when you spent the night and we “watched movies” 😍🔥
Happy Birthday..
Love You Mommy ..
Daddy, Caedon, Cycy, Cruzy, and #YetToBeNamedBrother

So my friday night is me getting roasty toasty waiting for my princess to get off work. I hope everyone's friday is super chill✌👌 #bcstoners #bcbud #treesdispensary #shatter #hoottime @trees_dispensary #sourdeisel #nightmoves #weed #stankdank

It was a great day to get out and move, I learned how to play tennis finally. #Clouds #Tennis #HootTime #Snapchat

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