Special thank you to @officialwarriorsworld and @dunkcontest for showing us love and coppin stuff from our #HoopDreamsSF collection for their store. Dunk Contest in Burlingame was honestly the perfect place I imagined our pieces ending up at, and I am thankful how all it all worked out. Can't wait to see everything up in the shop. #HVY #WallofWallace

Different court, same hustle.
(Thank you to everyone who purchased this and the dolo park prints at the #HoopDreamsSF pop up. Prints still available, DM if interested πŸ‘πŸΌ)

Take flight Friday | still my favorite from the #HoopDreamsSF collection AND still available πŸ‘€ #WallofWallace

HeavyHandmade X WallofWallace | I Can Do All Things #tbt #HoopDreamsSF

Debate This πŸ† KD | #wallofwallace #HoopDreamsSF

When the funniest part about your girls joke is the cilantro in her teeth πŸ˜‚ hahaha. Love you tho 😘 #HoopDreamsSF

#HoopDreamsSF x Warriors merch dropping on wallofwallace.com this week. Stay tuned. πŸ“Έ: @zachwiezorek

I've never met a man who has made a shot he has not yet taken. #HoopDreamsSF #HVY #WallofWallace πŸ“Έ: @zachwiezorek

The Chef | 16x16in. resin finished wood panel #HoopDreamsSF #HVY #WallofWallace

We Believe 16x20in. resin finished wood panel | Honestly still my favorite Warrior Squad #HoopDreamsSF #HVY #WallofWallace

My personal favorite from #HoopDreamsSF | Air Thunder 16x16in. resin finished wood panel #HVY #WallofWallace

Thank you to everyone that came to HOOP DREAMS this last Friday & Saturday. It was an amazing show with so many people behind the scenes that made it great. Plenty of art to come and some big things coming for HOOP DREAMS VOL. 2 down the road ❀️ #HOOPDREAMSSF #HEAVYWALLACE

Thanks to everyone that came out to support and to all the homies that help put this together this weekend. Feeling extremely blessed. Every rep and every step. πŸ™πŸ½ #HoopDreamsSF

Reppin Wallace & HVY, slangin our @_straight.up cocktails, thanks everyone who came to our #HoopDreamsSF event. The support was crazy!!! Can't wait to invite you all to the next one. Til then, cheers 🍸

If you're out in the Bay today, come and check out some beautiful one of one art pieces by @_joewallace and @heavyone_ at 1114 Folsom street in SF between 12pm-10pm. They'll also be showing the Mayweather v McGregor fight. I'll be there too showing some support πŸ‘Œ #WallofWallace #HoopDreamsSF

Come have a drink with us at the #HoopDreamsSF art show!

It's Game Time πŸ€ HOOP DREAMS is 6-10pm at 1114 Folsom St. San Francisco happening right now. All original art work and @_straight.up will be pouring drinks for us 🍻 #HOOPDREAMSSF

#HoopDreamsSF tonight at 6pm. Tomorrow 12-10pm. 1114 Folsom. @_joewallace and @heavyone_ got the πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

#Repost check out this Dubs-themed art show put on by @_joewallace
Tonight & tomorrow | HOOP DREAMS | 1114 Folsom St. San Francisco 6-10pm | Redemption 1 of 1 #HVY #WallofWallace #HoopDreamsSF

Tonight & tomorrow | HOOP DREAMS | 1114 Folsom St. San Francisco 6-10pm | Redemption 1 of 1 #HVY #WallofWallace #HoopDreamsSF

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