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My favorite position. I remember feeling truly beautiful and how much I shivered with pleasure when I came down. I held onto this warmth because in the upcoming weeks, it was all going to hit me. But in this moment, I didn't want to face it all so I surrendered to the earth and the air while the blood flowed.
Summer Solstice, 2015

Who says you cant repo with a flat bed haha #towlifeornolife #cantstopwontstop #hooklife got um 🔥💯

20 guys one pole #hooklife

Revirando as fotos no note encontrei essa lembrança do amigo @flecha.francisco 😍
Acho que eu estava pensando: "caralho, eu consegui!" Kkkkkk ❤️acho que essa blusinha deve dar sorte né @alessandrafavoritto kkkkkkk #ressurectionsuspension #2points #diabosmutantes #valkiriasequipedesuspensao #hooklove #hooklife

Aussie powder?? 🤔🙄🙄 #parasnowboard #mthotham #bigD #hooklife

Another day another dolla
Check out my Lil homie in the ring

Thumbs for Harambe.One month into sumo deadlifts and chill no weight on the bar taking my time to become a full time cheater. Working on firing my knees to make a more explosive yet smooth lockout. @140horse is gonna work with me on my set up. Hips can be a little lower. #powerlifting #sumodeadlift #hooklife


On Fridays we wear our PR smile 💙😊💕 #FriYAY #TeamOC #HookGrip #HookLife 🏋🏻‍♀️

Revirando as fotos no note encontrei essa lembrança do amigo @flecha.francisco 😍
Acho que eu estava pensando: "caralho, eu consegui!" Kkkkkk ❤️acho que essa blusinha deve dar sorte né @alessandrafavoritto kkkkkkk #ressurectionsuspension #2points #diabosmutantes #valkiriasequipedesuspensao #hooklove #hooklife

Vamo voaaaar
Jornada de suspensão que vai rolar na cidade maravilhosa com uma equipe fodaa corre pra garantir a vaga, mais infos @kahkilla
Mt praia mt voo mt gancho mt coisa boa JJ💕

#Repost @kahkilla (@get_repost)
Nosso amor c expande pro Rio de Janeiro... ❤️ dia 21 e 22 de outubro, jornada de suspensão em local privado na Tijuca, Tb teremos turnos na floresta e na praia :) Reservas e mais informações: jornadadesuspensao@gmail.com #suspensaocorporal #hooklife #hooklove #diabosmutantes #valkiriasequipedesuspensao #surrealcrew #uaifly #bodysuspension

Instead of immediately posting I sat with my thoughts after tonight's suspension and wrote all this down as opposed to picking up my phone and going back to the weight of social media. Here it goes.

I have been angry, depressed, lost and holding onto so much for so long that I lost myself in the process. I lost control so many times and have been so up-and-down.
Today I did the most spiritual suspension of my life and I couldn't have been in a more beautiful place with a great group of people. My adrenaline skyrocketed. I felt all of the emotion surge through and out of me through my tears and my exhales. It felt like eternity but at the same time didn't feel but a few seconds. I left my body. I went somewhere else. When I came back as my feet touched back into the water I was lighter, refreshed and I left it all hanging in the tree. You might not understand it and that's OK, today was for me and not for anyone else. I finally let go of all that was smoldering inside of me. Keep moving forward, love life and feel every moment. This experience here with this SB tribe is one that I will cherish forever. Learning to come back down to earth and just be. I definitely became more humble and have learned a lot about reconnecting to the old me and the basics of my craft. Don't lose sight of where you came from and what you have been taught, or what you have been through. Seize this damn life and run with it. I found the lion inside of me again. I will never forget today, it was different not having my Infamous family there but I could not share this moment with a better group of individuals, I consider you family now too. #fuckallthehastags

Winnie the Pooh rattle. I tried really, reeeally hard not to share until I finished the whole gang, but couldn't keep this cutie to myself any longer. 🐻🍯 #winniethepooh #poohbear #pooh #crochet #crochetaddict #instadaily #instagoods #buyhandmade #handmadeisbetter #maker #instamaker #crochetersofinstagram #hooklife #yarnlife

Came up with a slogan for our company, "Call us today and we'll hook you up!" I wanted "We won't charge you an arm and a leg, we just want your tows" but someone in wisconsin already took it. #hooklife #puns #workinhard #love #life #happiness

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