Hood to Coast nostalgia. One of the longest running teams (which sadly hasn’t had a team the past few years). I had the privilege of being on the fastest Dairy Air team in 2010, 2nd place corporate men’s team.
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In one week I’ll be running the mother of all relays Hood to Coast with some of the greatest people. I’m nervous but excited. I’ve been sick the past week with a kidney infection (I haven’t been sick or in a hospital in 17 years🙃) and I’m FINALLY feeling well enough to try to run tomorrow after a WEEK off. I haven’t taken this much time off in 2 years. I’m hoping to get back into my groove for HTC, marathon training and to Dopey. If I can tell you one thing from this past week it’s put the soda down and drink your water everyone.

Friday’s are for the boyz. 💋💋💋
Some light speed work with part of the HTC crew..... and may have picked up a new team member in the process. Always a special experience at the MJ Track — @lopez_lomong thanks for hangin with us today! 🤩

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Hood-to-Coast participants end the challenge at Seaside’s awesome beach, feeling like winners regardless of their final rank! When it comes to our beaches, all Oregonians can feel like winners thanks to our state’s unique protection of public access to our stunning coast. And since 1999, over $685 million Lottery dollars have helped protect and fund Oregon’s state parks, who manage our beaches, for the benefit of all Oregonians! Together, we do good things. #HTC18 👟🌞⛱️ #HoodToCoast #FINISHCANCER #OregonLottery #TogetherWeDoGoodThings #OregonBeaches #MtHood #seaside #beach #race #celebrate #Oregon

Some days are rest days, but you never take a day off from saying “thank you”! The Wimberleys have been such an important influence in our lives...in fact it’s through their family that we got involved with Hood to Coast in the first place (thanks, Blair!). Thank you, Jim and Judy for supporting Caleb this year as he runs the 199-mile HtC relay and raises money for water projects in South Sudan! #13runningfor30 #worldvision #hoodtocoast For more info or to donate, check the link in my profile.

Hey runners, remember the Shamrock Run??? Well it’s Hood to Coast Season, now. I’ll be at the finish line next Saturday helping to soothe all your tired runner legs. Look for me at the Alaska Airlines station, right on the beach!

Funnest to the beach. Fastest to the beach. #3StripeLifeHTC @htcrelay @adidasrunning #hoodtocoast #hoodtocoast2018 #adihtc18

Course marking day! #htc18 #hoodtocoast

This is certainly my year for adventure! I was crazy enough to just join a team, traveling from the Midwest, who is down a runner. Here’s to hoping I survive 18 plus miles next weekend 🏃‍♀️ #hoodtocoast #makingnewfriends

Starting Friday, August 24, I (M) will be running the 199 mile Hood to Coast relay with a team of 11 other coworkers. E has even stepped up to be one of our van drivers! Part of our commitment running as a corporate team is to raise at least $500 per person for the Skanner Foundation, a nonprofit in the Portland area that supports scholarships and equal access for people of color. I have just a little more to go, and would deeply appreciate any small amount you feel called to donate towards this stellar team and foundation. Link in our bio. Love to all! #htc2018 #hoodtocoast #relay #runnersofinstagram

“Hood To Toast” - A mini-series featuring HTC CEO Jude Hubber and his many failed attempts at training for The Mother of All Relays. #hoodtocoast #HTC18 #FlashbackFriday

Hood to coast race is one week away. A 200 mile team races from Mt. Hood to the ocean. I’m running to raise funds for World Vision clean water projects. Been training hard over the last couple months. I’ll be running the hardest legs for our team. If you would like to support World Vision link in bio @worldvisionusa #running #hoodtocoast #hoodtocoast2018

Did you know the Hood To Coast finish line is on a beach that, like beaches all along the Oregon coast, is publicly owned? And that our beaches are managed by @oregonstateparks? Oregon Lottery is proud to help sponsor Hood to Coast to help fight cancer AND to celebrate our awesome public beaches. Whether you’re part of an HTC or PTC team or just like to have fun, come join us at the finish line and celebrate the best of Oregon!
Since 1999, you’ve helped the Oregon Lottery provide more than $685 million to our state parks. #TogetherWeDoGoodThings
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One week till Hood to Coast! 🌊🏃🏻‍♀️🗻
The Mother of All Relays
Van 1 ☝🏽 Runner ✌🏽
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Finished the week with some solid runs. So thankful for the cooler weather and cleaner air 🙌🏽 #runoregon #FinishCancer #tiupdx #tiuoregon #tiurunner #runalways #tiuportland #tiuteam #tiucommunity #tiuflashbackfriday #runfastlivefearless #runhappy

It’s time to #crush in Oregon again. This time we don’t plan on second best. @htcrelay @bowermantc @nikerunning #nike #running #relay #hoodtocoast #runnersofinstagram #btc #run #bowerman #international #runner

#flashbackfriday #htc15 What a great 1st time HTC experience! #wheresthepartyat. Wind, blown over porta potties, sleeping bags flying out of car toppers, pregnant lady running and runners just trying to run. How do you remember Hood to Coast 2015? .
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Sometimes it’s on the streets, or in the hills , or on the treadmill. But when it’s done, the day can start.
8 dripping miles @ sub 8 #hylandspowered
1 week ‘till #hoodtocoast 🏃🏻‍♀️👊🏼

Surround yourself with the best humans you can find! You are the average of the people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely. #HTC18 #hoodtocoast

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