A cut crease that'll slice a biatch 🔪 and green eyes to boot
What i used for this look 👀
@elfcosmetics eyeshadow primer (sheer)
@makeuprevolution pro eye elements/eyeshadow base (core)
@bhcosmetics Tke me back to Brazil palette (bright green and yellow/green shades
@sleekmakeup Ultra Mattes v2 Palette (dark aqua green shade)
@makeuprevolution Reloaded Newtrals Palette (pink shade, 2nd row, 2nd shade from right)
@essence_cosmetics long lasting eye pencil (black fever)
@nyxcosmetics Matte liquid liner (black)
@rimmellondonau scanndaleyes xtra mascara (extreme black)
@thecomplexionist prep and preserve to prime
@makeuprevolution full cover camouflage foundation and concealer (c4 and c5)
@elfcosmetics sculpt and glow pencil
@lauramercier translucent powder
@australiscosmetics ac on tour kit (light)
@elfcosmetics blush (shy)
@essence_cosmetics glow like a mermaid highlighter 🔹️LIPS
@bhcosmetics lip liner (muse)
@maccosmetics lipstick (Nikki's Nude)
@elfcosmetics brow pencil (taupe)
@essence_cosmetics make me brow gel (blondey brows)
@maccosmetics @maccosmeticsaustralia @sigmabeauty @realtechniques @bhcosmetics @zoevacosmetics @beautyblender

Make up on my beautiful Daughter 💖 ... Her eyebrows weren’t done and she has hooded eyelids so I’m excited about the outcome ... who needs fake lashes when you have beautiful real ones 😍

I die for all these warm tones of eyeshadow with some pops of colored liner 😭😭
Cant wait to have a play 🤗🤗
That eyeshadow packaging tho.....gorg
What are your fave shades of eyeshadow to wear? Chime in below ⬇️⬇️⬇️
@chichicosmeticsofficial aphrodite palette
@nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_australia jumbo eye pencils (strawberry milk and pure gold)
@essence_cosmetics long lasting eye pencils (purple rain, cool down and tu-tu-tuoquise) and forever mermaid highlighter

The amazing fibroblast treatment taking the beauty industry by storm.

Skin shrinking treatment giving excellent results.. great for hooded eyelids, crows feet, smokers lines, eye bags and more!

#skin #skinshrinking #plasmafibroblast #eyebags #hoodedeyelids #aesthetics #lookgreat #lookyounger

No matter where you're starting from, we've got the products to address ALL of your skin concerns! 😄😄
Here's Bailey and her story:
"Before I started Rodan + Fields I’d never really thought about what my 'skin concerns' were (other than dark under-eye circles from having a newborn!). I washed my makeup off at night but otherwise I was pretty clueless. I guess because I didn’t have acne, eczema or any major wrinkles I figured my skin was already good enough. But check out my before and afters! It was not good enough!! 🙊 I had pigmentation, uneven, dull tone and redness that I wasn’t even aware of, and now all of that has improved so much. I’m proof that 'normal' skin can really benefit from consistently using the best products available. Don’t you think? 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️"
As a Consultant, I LOVE putting together a skincare gameplan! I can't wait to put together a winning plan for YOU!!! 🙌
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Majka da me ne prepozna 😂 This is the last one I promise! 😆🙌🙌🙌
Yesterday I have challenged myself to use only One brand to create a look. I’ve chose @urbandecayme 💋💋💋
@urbandecaycosmetics 💋💋💋 Products used:
- All-nighter Foundation in shade 1.0
- Naked skin ultra definition powder in shade Fair Cool
- Beached bronzer in Bronzed (this is my FAVE bronzer but in shade Sunkissed but I lost mine on my last vacation 😭😭😰😢)
- Afterglow Highlighter in shade Sin
- Primer potion / Free base
- Naked Heat palette, shades Low Blow, En Fuego & Ashes
- Full Spectrum palette, shades Goldmine - Heavy Metals in Midnight Cowboy - Troublemaker mascara - Lip pencil in shade Naked (my fave)
Hair by:
@2afrizerskisalon & @_selimovicelma_ 🔥🔥🔥 OBOZAVAM!!!! #urbandecay #ud #urbandecaycosmetics #urbandecayme #middleeast #urbandecaymiddleeast #beautyblogger #dubaiblogger #dubaibloggers #makeupartist #sephoramiddleeast #mua #dxb #glowqueen #hoodedeyes #hoodedeyelids #emirates #uae #sminka #sminkanje #lukavac #omega

There's only ONE WAY to see if these products really live up to the hype..... TRY THEM!!!!!
Kristal looks AMAZING 😍, here's her story:
“🙋🏼‍♀️I’m sure you have heard of Rodan + Fields, and heck you may have even searched before and afters contemplating the products for yourself......
👉🏼Well I used to be the girl watching my friends post before and afters just dreaming I could lighten the spots on my face and tighten my skin. I felt like I looked old - in my eyes I did. I had low self esteem and was always trying new products. I spent so much money on stuff that didn’t deliver the results I was looking for!! 🌟Now I have been a Consultant since June, but you haven’t heard much from me because I wanted to WOW y’all with my personal results. 👇🏼That’s what convinced me that this stuff is freaking legit!! So here it is guys!!! 🗣No filter!! We even entertained people last night and I didn’t have a lick of makeup on!! BOOM!!! Now what are you waiting on!?"
Stop searching before and afters and create YOUR OWN!!!!! You know how to reach me....😉
#rodanandfields #skincare #skin #reverse #sundamage #discoloration #melasma #freckles #dullskin #redefine #antiaging #wrinkles #poreminimizing #multifunctioneyecream #eyecream #darkcircles #undereyebags #crowsfeet #hoodedeyelids #lifechangingskincare #foundationfree #agingbackwards #beforeandafter #results #confidence #unitedstates #canada #australia

Do ya'll love these shades 💖💜💛💚💙
What ya'll think????
For complete list of products, see ma previous post ➡️
@maybelline @makeuprevolution @lauramercier @australiscosmetics @elfcosmetics @sleekmakeup @bhcosmetics @nyxcosmetics @essence_cosmetics @rimmellondonuk @rimmellondonau @covergirlau @wetnwildbeauty @maccosmetics @zoevacosmetics @sigmabeauty @realtechniques @beautyblender

I got *pretty* excited when I saw that the Manhattan society pages recognized a certain prebiotic skin serum as one of their #TopTen #BeautyMustHaves. 💕🙌🏼 Swipe left and you will see WHY. Never in the history of EVER have I seen a legit clinical trial in which 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣%, as in EVERYBODY in the 8-week trial, saw reduction in facial lines and wrinkles and increased hydration. That is unheard of, and seven major magazine publications have taken notice so far. #proudmoment
DM me and I’ll help you grab yours for a full two-month trial. If you don’t fall in love, BAM money back. (But let’s be honest, you will.)

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