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STORY TIME (read this shit to the end my nigga it's funny but sad for me 😪) So I was on this school trip where we would sleep in some cabins in the mountains for a week. It was dinner time in the canteen & I ordered my usually: Double cheese burger. (No cheese, no burger obviously ). Then I see this dude Gunther staring at me in the distance in some funny way. After a full week of staring at me, I'm in the room by myself then suddenly I smell a smelly smelly. I turn around and see him with all his homeboys. I'm thinking: what in the name of fidget spinners & overuse of the n word on COD is going on here?? Then Gunther comes to me saying "Your thick". I told him Bruh fuck you I ain't stupid, I got 2 degrees and I used 1 in the shower. He says "I don't mean your 'stupid' thick. I mean your STUPID THICC 👅👅." His homeboys thrw me on the bed and were busy doing all kinds of gay shit too me. Then our teacher came in (before Gunther could) and told us to finish what were doing and get on the school bus. Gunther was happy to hear that. But then the teacher came inside so they left me.  I FUCK WITH that teacher cuz I nearly got my ass raped 😧

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Ey, tú. Sí, tú. Amigo, enemigo, psicólogo, defensor del menor, juglar de las buenas praxis y/o fan número 2 de "Supernanny", yo, hoy, firmo que el mayor error que cometa con él sea compartir una fotografía suya contigo.


Second slide is funnier if you've seen it as well 😂😂

Casual Monday in Rome ☀️🥂 Rebecca is wearing a white blouse by @vince and a destroyed grey jeans by @frame ! Find the look @rebecca_store #alteschönhauserstraße 41

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