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Welcome wee one 💓

Recently I was talking to a friend who I haven't seen in awhile...and I was taken back with these compelling words 'in simplicity there's less space to hide'. Maybe that's why we make things more complicated than they need to be. Coming back to simple - coming back to breath 🙏 #honouryourjourney #honouryourself

Small steps in the right direction with the right intention- that's what counts - in so many areas of our life's. #youvegotthis #honouryourjourney #trusttheprocess #babysteps👣

Dear YOU, it is OK to give yourself a couple days off... if it's to refocus, to disconnect or to connect. It's ok to give you the time you deserve because if you don't, you're not good to anyone. This last week I took the time to give to myself, to honour my priorities, and to do some soul searching without the distraction of social media. It felt good to take a break but it's time to get back to it... so they say 😉. #socialmedia #honouryourjourney #myhealth #depression #depressionrecovery

Do small things with love.
Make one of those things Y O U!
Feeding your soul, listening to your body, and honouring your journey no matter how imperfect it may feel at times in necessary.
#feedyoursoul #vancouverlife #lifestyleandbusinesscoach #listentoyourbody #honouryourjourney

Do what you L♡VE!!! #HonourYourJourney ✊🌱

Finally after 26yrs I'm able to come out and tell my story ....... ❤️
Raising a teenage daughter myself was always a reminder that I needed to wait for an appropriate time in her life to tell her what happened to me as a young teen ..... My priority has always been Maya's emotional safety growing up and
my greatest mission was to never let her have an uncomfortable or fear based attitude towards what is a sacred union between two consenting adults. I wanted her to be at an age where she felt comfortable in her own sexuality with a strong emotional blue print of her own.
These last weeks however, I was finally able to have a conversation with her about the Very violent Rape that almost took my Life as a 13 yr old child...at the hands of a much older sexual predator.
This one moment in time , forever changed the course of my life, and moulded me deeply into the woman I am today. It made me appreciate not only my own life, but also the lives of those I love and care for. It has taught me live in the moment, as I know only too well how quickly that can be taken away through the actions of another.
Social media is really a wonderful platform for connection and inspiration, if used in the proper way. I talked to both my daughter and partner about the impact that telling my story could have, as a way of lifting the lid on such a taboo subject. Encouraging conversations about Rape, Sexual Abuse or any type of Sexual Crime , is so vitally important, as SO often victims are afraid to come forward to acknowledge the crimes against them.
Yoga has been a HUGE part of my recovery..
I walked into a studio 17 yrs ago when pregnant with Maya as a way of dealing with the sheer terror I had of giving birth to my child, based on the injuries of my attack 7 yrs before , and the recent loss of my Dad. I had never talked about my attack to anyone , and hid the trauma of my injuries for many years unable to talk about what had happened. Both Yoga , and Therapy worked in connection with one another ,and slowly helped me heal and come to terms with my attack.
This has guided my own personal Yoga practice, and Ultimately given me SUCH a passion to teach others. Let's Heal Together


Embracing nature is embracing our deeper Self 🌲🌸🌷 Life is a #pilgrimage 🌷We are all a #pilgrim on a continuous journey through #Life 🌸 #honouryourjourney #honor our #beautifulearth 🌼#circleoflife #beaware #askquestions 🌲 #wonder over the #mysteries of #Life 🌿be a #freebird #lookdeeper #freebirdtherapy @freebirdtherapy 🍂🍃 #naturephotography #visitnewzealand

Happy Dhanteras, the first day of Diwali. May the light within you guide you, always.. 🙏🏼#festivaloflights #diwali #prayer #celebrate #lights #relection #peace #honouryourjourney #trusttheprocess #believe #begrateful 🙏🏼🙏🏼

✨There's so much humanity in the love of nature, so much power in just feeling our own insignificance when we are surrounded by nature. Just thinking about nature & our love & need for it teaches us how ridiculous we are & also at the same time how deserving of life we can be, when we can honour this beauty that owes us nothing ✨Muriel Barbery ... being away & surrounded by the natural beauty & the ocean & mountains, always brings me back to how small we are & how great & awe-inspiring the world is. I often find myself re-evaluating where I am & my values. I'll always want to work hard & do well but some of the 'successes' which are a part of my tiny universe take on a little less importance when looking at the amazingness of nature & history & i feel honoured just to have been a tiny part of the unravelling of this world #warrrior2 #virabadrasana2 #tree #castle #yogiatthecastle #yogalife #murielbarbery #tavira #castillo #courtyard #yogapose #streetyoga #travellingyogi #thoughtful #nature #trees #beautifulpetals #yoginithoughts #honour #honouryourjourney #yogainthecourtyard #simpleyoga #yogastudent

I know this transformation is painful,
But your not falling apart,
Your just falling into something different,
With a new capacity to be beautiful.

#grief #griefandloss #griefandhealing #lettinggo #healing #honouryourjourney #love#holyspirit #enlightenment #spiritualgrowth #enternallove #lovemydog #loveoverfear #transendingpain #higherconsciousness #rituals #grace

Day 1️⃣ and my version of #easypose. I took a few minutes of my day to sit down, breathe and turn down my mind. We tend to forget sometimes to let go of the day to day stuff for even just a minute and honour ourselves 💜 #spiritualselfcare #selflove #selfcare #yogainspiration #yogachallenge #yogajourney #yogaeverydamnday #love #honouryourjourney @meganparkerquinn @selfloveyogini Sponsors: @kindredyeg @planttherapy @jjjjayhawk @jjdpottery @soulsparklejewelry @thecomfymonk

ahhh those tiny feet... 💫

find joy in the simple things, start at sunrise 💫

Namasté~My soul honours your soul. I honour the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honour the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it also within me. In sharing these things we are untitled, we are the same, we are one.

#namasté #fridaze #love #calming #spiritual #peaceful #soul #honouryourjourney #beautiful #believe #insta #igers #igdaily #l4l #followme #likeforlike #hashtag #doubletap #followtrain

The Facebook picture ... vs the reality! I have been called to share this photo, this idea and this reality on behalf of .every.single. Parent ! Out there! Parenting is FRIGGEN HARD! It's made harder by the constant perception on social media and within society that most of us live a easy, joyous and picture perfect life. Let me share with you ~ life is a dance, we flow in and out of light and shadows, some days I nail it and other days I swear (loudly) question myself and my ability and get flustered and frustrated. My love 4 my children is so wildly deep and sometimes at the end of the day I feel ... and look like this. Children are a portal to learn so much about life and about ourselves. Mostly, I aim to be calm, engaged and conscious person but my 2 little people can send me in to a spin. A flurry of questioning,exploring, navigating my beliefs and challenge every single model of the world I have ever felt. LOVE ❤️ If your having a challenging day, night or moment ... you are not alone. Reach out~say YES to support, love, dinners, babysitting and a vino from friends and family and cover your "mini me" in lavender. .. and if that doesn't work --- cover yourself with vetiver . Breathe in breathe out !!!! And wait 4 the vetiver to work its magic ! Ahhhhhhhh🌿 #reallife #divinepower #reachout #realmumstyle #mumpreneur #honouryourjourney

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