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Petándolo en cualquier talla ❤️ @barbirodriguez

Good morgon favoriter 💭 Fredagstankar från mej 👇
Alltså skulle vi kunna prata om hur snabbt tiden går? Bilden är tagen för ETT år sedan, we were staying in Paris 🎶 Ett år sedan och jag minns hur mycket jag såg fram emot 2017 efter det helvetes år som 2016 faktiskt var!
Shit vad viktigt det är att leva i nuet, sjukt svårt, men så jäkla viktigt ❤ Idag vill jag bara skicka en fredagspåminnelse till er, med något som jag alltid säger; Livet är nu! ( Börjar kanske bli tjatigt men kommer fortsätta för det är så jäkla viktigt för er att förstå)
Livet fortsätter liksom utanför dörren, händelser passeras och möjligheter går mistes så länge vi inte blir ett med oss själva. Livet är nu, inte sen, inte när du gått upp eller ner i vikt, inte när du maxat tyngsta vikten på gymmet och inte heller när du uppnått den där storleken efter att ha svält dig själv så länge och mått otroligt dåligt under tiden! DET ÄR NU! ❤ I helgen fokuserar du på dej, okej? Så ja, vad vill du göra av nuet, vad vill du göra med livet, just precis nu? ❤💋 #nowrongwaytobeawoman
Good morning favs! Just some fridaythinking from me 💭❤ Lets talk about how fast time flies?! This pic is taken ONE YEAR AGO, we were stayin in Paris 🎶
One year ago and I rember how much I wanted to leave the terrible year of 2016 behind and start living in 2017, like a restart after all I had been through!
Its soooo important to live NOW peeps!
I just want to remind you all that LIFE IS NOW!
Not when you lost thoose kilos in the scale, or when you handle the heaviest weight on the gym, or when you can wear another size in your clothes, NOW!
This weekend I want you to focus on you! What do you want to do with your life, just right now? ❤💋

Mañana voy con la ganadora del concurso a hacernos un cambio de look en @sassbeauty.es y la verdad es que dudo, dudo mucho... y si vuelvo al pelirrojo? Y si me pongo el pelo de colores? Y si lo sigo aclarando? 🤷🏼‍♀️ No tengo ni idea de qué hacer! 🦄 En la foto mi yo de hace un año 💞 Ideas? 🙋🏼

I am THANKFUL for my temple that has "endured" so much self hatred through my earlier years. Knife to my stomach at 8 years old because I hated being teased for being "the fat kid" I was one of 2 Puerto Rican kids in my elementary school in New York. The rest of the school was Italian or black and I got it from both ends. Teased for being fat, teased being called a "spic" shamed by a teacher for my skin being "ashy" I moved to California as a young teen which I now call the land of size 0. Teen hormones kicked in for me but I was so shameful I was thicker, curvier then most my age. Boys were not interested in me, it wasn't long before I associated my worth with my physical appearance as many teen girls do. I had boys say you have such a pretty face, if we could just put your face on her body you would be perfect. I later moved from the San Fernando Valley to a wealthy part of Ventura County when my mother married well. Coming from a very poor background, this was a shock. I never felt as if I fit. I still could recall my mom having to save money for one year to buy me a swimsuit. I remember when she felt shame for having to go on welfare when my little brother was born. I remember seeing her sacrifices going without to provide for us. But she did what she had to. My mother always told me I was beautiful, but the teasing she witnessed, the pain she knew I was in, looking back I know had to kill her. She did all that she could but the course was set. I began to abuse my body with alcohol, drugs, starvation,excessive working out. For what? For what every kid wants most to be accepted and loved. This went on for years. We all want "soul connections" but we can not get those connections without learning to see BEYOND FLESH, BEYOND SKIN. I am THANKFUL for my body, my skin, my flesh because it is a vehicle for "my experience here". Although my early years were painful at the time, I had two choices to "live in that pain" or use it to help others. See my past is a blessing I am THANKFUL now because it literally helped me "arrive" today sharing my story. Our TEMPLE our vehicle, we decide to be a victim or to thrive! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 💋

just like honey 🍯 *in my biopic directed by sofia coppola; the jesus and mary chain is playing in the background* / my current fave tshirt from @honeybum (with every order honeybum plants a flower to help maintain a sustainable life for bees !!!!🐝) #savethebees #honeybum : code ("erika") for 20% off ✨

We can at least all agree that booty is a wonderful thing and we are thankful for that😘


It’s Thanksgiving. You’re enjoying the family and the idea of food. You’re taking your best selfie and your mom starts talking about Trump. Talk about a gratitude sucker. #ThanksgivingOver #NotthankfulforTrump #ButgladitsChristmasSeason!!!

Happy BLACK FRIDAY ⚫️✔️ in der Story zeig ich euch coole Overknee Stiefel in „Wide Fit“ die ihr mit Rabatt bei Asos und Co. shoppen könnt. Link zum post ist oben in der Bio! Ich mach jetzt Reiberdatschi - schönen Abend euch 😘😘 #werbung

We want to want to wish you ALL a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! We are THANKFUL for all of you and your continued support of #Curvy Ventures! Life gets busy and although we should always be thankful, take a little time today to reflect, give thanks and count your blessings. May your holiday be filled with love, laughter and great food! 💯❤ Curvy Ventures ~ Large. Lavish. Life 😍 #bbw #bbws #bbwbash #bbwlove #bbwlovers #bbwclub #bbwbabe #bbwmodel #bbwcurves #bbwaddict #bbwadmirer #bigbeautifulwomen #plussize #plusisequal #bodypositive #sexyatanysize #honormycurves #loveyourself #HappyThanksGiving #Thanksgiving #GobbleGobble #FamilyFirst #StayBlessed #Florida #Fortlauderdale

Raise your hand if you’re shopping until you drop today 🙋🏾‍♀️🛍 @anitamarshall_ for @eloquii ・・・
📣THIS IS NOT A DRILL 📣Black Friday Early starts NOW! 😍 Take 50% off your $100+ purchase—one day only! #XOQ #teamdcm #blackfriday

I have no shame in my basic white girl game. And, yes, I absolutely went to Starbucks in this outfit. Didn’t rock the faux Uggs, but I did have on some cute Toms. 😁
#ootd #blackfriday #basic #basicwhitegirl #plussize #style #fashion #fatshion #flannel #camo #beauty #tistheseason #curves #curvy #curvygirl #bopo #honormycurves #curvesgalore #biggirl #selflove #bigandblunt #fatgirl #fatbabe #nobodyshame #bodypositive #noshame #effyourbeautystandards #bopowarrior #bodylove #loveyourself #selflove

This entire November I've been thinking about how much gratitude I have for the people in my life who have been so incredibly patient with me this month, especially. November has been a rough one with colds, kidney infections, and emergency dental appointments but I'm so thankful for the friends who check up on me, who make sure that they see me, for my partner who celebrates me even if it's from my sick bed, and a pupper who's always down to cuddle. ❤️🦃❤️
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You ready? Let’s go! Time to give it all you’ve got #bodypositivememes

THE MORE I FALL IN LOVE WITH MYSELF, THE LESS ADMIRATION I NEED FROM OTHERS. Less is more and i learned to be gratefull for I have. I may not be rich but im blessed and you can bet your ass im on the highway to heaven...
¿Pato cuando vas a cambiar?😤😥 ES QUE NO ME TIENEN PACIENCIA #yladietaPaCuando? #YEsosCauchos?
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