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Can I just take a minute to share that @thevagaggle and I have watched each other go through 10 years of eating disorders, crash diets, body hatred and hundreds of pounds lost and gained - and the first thing we said when we saw these pictures was 'oh my god our belly rolls match HOW COOL IS THAT!' Friends who bopo together stay together 💜💙💚🌈🌞

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Hey! So today I want to say to everyone that I am greatful to all my friends, and fans that accepted me. This is not just a vulgar post where I show my tits, I just wanted your attention and tell the world that; Pride parade is not only about gays and lesbians, it's about acceptance and love. So many people get bullied for just the way that they look, either they are mens, womens, transgender or whatever. People need to remember that it's beautiful to be different, that is what makes us unique. Show the world you are special and there is no place for violence. It takes courage to stand tall and show self esteem so... prove them wrong. Repeat after me: everybody say LOVE.

Just thought I would share pictures Cameron took of me today at my surgeons check up appointment. You know there has been a lot of feedback on my face in my DM(s) some people assuring me I haven't changed at all (to their eyes) others saying that there is a huge change in my appearance (to their eyes). There is no doubt my face has changed. Looking at this photo I couldn't find myself in either photo. While I am happy to document my continual feelings about my changes there are a few things I wanted to highlight.
1. My feelings will continue to change ebb & flow. I will have great body positive confidence days in regards to my face & body and I will have not so good days. Such is life. No matter how many followers or how much confidence and tools you add to your body love belt there will be good & bad days for all of us.
2. I really want to reiterate that this change was for my bite & alignment. I have added the X-ray changes please swipe over to see. My bite and teeth health were 100% my reasoning behind this. Especially seeing my parents have problems later in life due to their positioning.
3. Whether I looked better is not up for discussion. I look different. Not better or worse just different. For now that is how I feel and will carry that truth with me throughout this journey of acceptance.
4. No matter what changes your body or face goes through your personality and who you are remain the exact same.
5. An update on progress so I am still a good month away from being able to eat normally (aka more than soft foods that I can not chew). My jaw surgeon is very happy in regards to this last surgeries progress. I still have a lot of swelling and until I am 3 Months Post Op my face is still settling down. My orthodontist is very happy with my teeth I am looking at around a 12 week wait to get braces off. Which is amazing!
6. I share this journey to be transparent and honest with you all. Not to receive comments on whether you think it was a good or bad choice. Sometimes it would be great for others to understand we are a community of support. For those who have opinions about the appearance changes of my face please keep them to yourself 💖

Jag bor i bikini, kroppen är sådär ordentligt solkysst, håret är flätat i två inbakade flätor av tre anledningar: 1. det är fett otvättat. 2. palla ha det i vägen och 3. Det är galet snyggt och min nya grejj! 😍
Stegen vi går är få visar mobilen men vem bryr sig just nu? Livet är här och hemma finns vardagen kvar!
Japp, jag och rumpan njuter, vi stannar tror jag 😎🌴
Fotocred: @simonerishede
I live in my bikini, the body is just perfectly sunkissed, I wear braids in my hair for three reasons. 1. I really dont care to wash it. 2. Its in the way lile all the time and 3. Its a drop dead gorgeous style 😍
The steps we take are beteween the sea and the beach, and when we need to pee in our room.
But who cares?
Back home everything is just the same.
Jepp, me and my butt enjoys it, I think we will stay 😎🌴


We made it to the #first week of summer and I can't tell you #howmanytimes I've played this game with my #littleone.
Sometimes, striking a balance is more about the people than the obligations. •

#lularoecarly #becauseoflularoe #sassydirect #suitejune #suitesassypants

Long day on the road today and with a seminar tonight I had to be efficient with my training.

20 min of interval sprints on the treadmill followed by 4 sets of each:

1: Bent over leg swings keeping the legs tight and squeezing the glute X 20 each side
2: Plank lifting alternating legs holding for 10 seconds each side.
3: Weighted jump lunges X 20 each side.

It can be easy to put off training after a tiresome day but I know I always feel better after a workout even if it's a quick one 😊
#getitin #moveyourbody #ontheroad #honormycurves #move #gratitude #bebrilliant

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Workout done! 22 Minute Hard Cops ✔
#pushplay #nogymrequired #noexcuses

taking a break before homework and drawing 🙃 #bvdrawme

Mood 👑..........
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