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Hey 👋🏼 happy Monday!! My comfy jumpsuit from @fashionnovacurve ❤️ use my code xoElke for 15% discount!! #elke #novababe my jumpsuit is a XL just fyi.

Totally forgot that I took this image of myself in New Orleans when I was visiting. (While adventuring with @clydejamesphotography ) //// Something I've really been thinking about lately is how we are (naturally) judgmental beings. About how if we see something different than what we know or are used to --- we can have a knee jerk reaction and immediately judge the other person. It has taken me a long time to be able to take a step back from these judgements and be able to see a thing from another persons perspective, and it's an every day work in progress. I don't always have to like or agree. I don't always understand. But I'm doing the work. We all should do work to make this world a better-- more understanding place right? .
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Treat yourself to something new.. and sexy! 🔥

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Resumen rápido y sencillo de la #gordicon3 🙊

Like vines💋
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Hey guys happy Monday ! I'm super tired from the weekend unfortunately didn't get to sleep in as much as I wanted to. I did get some pretty bomb shots in ! Here's a peek !
Also guys keep voting I'm so close ! Please please vote link in bio 👹💋🌹❤✨

Life complete - I have now ordered a cupcake from a Cupcake ATM 💗😍 Don't mind my sprinkle covered cupcake eating face 😳☺ #fatbabe #sohappy #cupcakeatm #sprinklescupcakes #sprinklesnashville #nashville #pizzasisters4lyfe #nomnomnom #tennessee #roadtrip #effyourbeautystandards #honormycurves #celebratemysize #killerkurves #beautybeyondsize #cupcakes


I wasn't feeling the workout today but I'm glad I listened to my body. It knew what it needed. Your mind, body, and soul will always send you signals.... you just need to listen. ✨

Full disclosure: for the amount of time I spent untangling these damn fishnets, I should've saved this outfit for the weekend. 🤦🏾‍♀️😩 Off to dinner anyway!

Getting ready for Summer ☀️ with @torridfashion on the Blog! #LinkintheBio
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Backstage de #incluyendoesmejor, una producción muy linda en la que tuve el placer de participar. Gracias a @plusmodelarg por hacerme llegar a este proyecto. 💜
Make-up y pelo: @camilafloresmakeup
Lencería: @azcorseteria

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Soy un completo desastre, más aún soy la máxima expresión de la imperfección vuelta mujer; pero saben que.. me gusta serlo, me gusta ser lo que nadie común quiere. Soy lo que nadie espera, lo que nadie pretende ser.
Quien quiere ser perfectamente imperfecta conmigo? 🙌🏻💕 #valeriacrodriguez #doblementebellahn #lavidacotidianadeunagordita

Hey y'all, it's Amanda (@sidewaysphotography) I left Chicago this morning bound for Pennsylvania to see a friend and her new baby. I wore different leggings and the same Sarah for my travels- I was comfortable and looked pretty cute if I do say so. If you didn't check out the video and the blog make sure you do, the link is in the bio!
Keep an eye out for some new blog posts the next few weeks talking about LuLaRoe Leadership and also new motherhood.
And of course if you want to check out my travels follow me @sidewaysphotography
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*cues "Little Wing" by Jimi to play* | 📸: @don.ixon

Gather round dear friends, I want your input! I had a thought rolling around my head about opening up The Wild Feminine Facebook community, where we can gather as sisters and brothers and be open, share, and learn. I'd like to incorporate live videos on things such as crystals, lunar phases, and other things. Host little things. Would you join if I did? What would you want to see this evolve into? Give me your ideas!
Art: @merakilabbe

I know who I am... who are you?!

Thick thighs saves lives ❤️

Serving *~decent~* looks since 91

Sometimes the wind doesn't cooperate with my photo plans. 🌪🦁 #ootd #lularoe #lularoejulia

More Life!!!!!

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