Real talk! Thank you to #gaboureysidibe

My Truth #HonorMe #IAmABlackWomxn #RiotBabies is my love letter to my Hometown #Detroit - Opening Aug 16th at @asharaekundayogallery

What I woke up to this morning.... Im such a freaking #Scholar maaannnnn.... 🎓 📚 🎓
Final Grades this semester:
US History - 96A 📈
Social Psychology - 100A📈
#HonorMe 💃 💪😜💰😁

"Dai mi faccio una Aram veloce che è troppo che non gioco, anche se dovrei andare a letto"
E tutta la squadra mi dimostra essere contenta che l'abbia fatta sta partita.
#HonorMe #lol #LeagueOfLegends #thamkench #abissoululante #sopopoforte #vittoria #fullofhonor

Day #31 of morning ritual challenge. I had learned to devanagari back in 2008. I had a wonderful teacher from India. Each day we would on Hindi script and words. It was so hard phonetically. Some sound sounded so similar but I did not give up. I was able to read slowly but read devanagari in Hindi films or on signs. It was fun and start of a completed dream. But she said if I did not use it. I would lose it. After family life and four children and putting my dreams far far back I have lost it. I can't remember ga from pa. So back to the beginning. Even if one letter a day I will not rush. But I have made a goal and deadline for speaking the language along with Urdu. Here is too the start of something amazing. #30daymorningritualchallenge

What makes you #Submit / #Submissive? 💭🤔 #submissivewoman #allaboutme #honorme , and #illsubmittoyou . What makes you "Be Good" and/or "Act Right"
RP @lookatemfly

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