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How far the mighty have fallen... #postwhole30 #hbfc #honeybutterfriedchicken

#honeybutterfriedchicken Yooooo. That's what's up. Y'all got good chicken, man.

We are in full patio season swing! @honeybutterchi in Avondale has one of our favorite patios complete with tons of fresh herbs they use in their delicious food. Better yet, they provide compostable (yet disposable) containers, compost all food & container waste, source as much as possible from local farmers, and convert their fryer oil into biodiesel! Their friendly staff will happily answer loads of questions if you're curious to learn more (like us). Check them out if you're ever in the area (byo cup & straw if you want to keep it ultra low waste)!

Happy to support @angelicorganicslearningcenter - training and supporting our local farmers. Bonus photo cameo by @rick_bayless.
#Repost... @thedancingaccountant
#rickbayless discussing the importance of local food systems #honeybutterfriedchicken represents #soproud

Sum of u might be like, Tess, how r u eating all of this junk food u must be feeling sick or tired. The answer to this comment is yes, it is wearing at my body. It's a little too much sometimes. But what are you gonna do? U know? Like literally is there anything to do? When I see food like this I CANNOT RESIST IT. some things in life are worth it ☄✨☄✨ #THETRUTH #honeybutterfriedchicken

Getting ready for #friedchickenandchampagne #pilotlightchefs #honeybutterfriedchicken thank you so much for hosting!! This is going to be awesome!!


Honey. Butter. Fried. Chicken. #honeybutterfriedchicken

made plain brown rice and my own version of @maangchi honey butter fried chicken, deeelicious!! 🍯🍗🍚 #food #friedchicken #honey #butter #chicken #honeybutter #honeybutterfriedchicken #maangchi #rice #brownrice #delicious #tasty #meal

Im crying at how beautiful this is 😭 #honeybutterfriedchicken

Let me tell you. If I wasn't like an addict trying to get #honeybutterfriedchicken all weekend in #chicago 😂😂 We ordered in on Sunday and I didn't get to eat it until dinner Monday night. Ohhh emmm geee it was #amazinglydelicious even microwaved. Definitely #worththewait #friedchicken #buffalochicken #buffalochickensandwich #honeybutter #sogood #chicken #delish #chicagofoodie #sogood

If you haven't gotten your tickets to tomorrow's @greencitymarket Chef BBQ tomorrow night, you'll want to head over to their site right now!! We're drooling at the sound of all the dishes that will be served, like these fried chicken nachos by our friends @honeybutterchi! And all for a great cause! 😋#Repost @greencitymarket ・・・
Look at what @honeybutterchi is making for #GCMBBQ! Join us by buying tickets through the link in the bio.

In love with the raised beds at Honey Butter! I spotted tons of herbs but the rosemary is my favorite!
Do you know of any restaurants that grow their own herbs and veggies? I'd love to know more!

Honey Butter Fried Chicken. Been wanting to try this for a few years and was not disappointed! Not feeling guilty about slathering honey butter on my fried chicken. #honeybutterfriedchicken #guiltypleasure

HONEY BUTTER FRIED 🍗 CHICKEN! The name says it all. Don't miss it if you are visiting CHICAGO! #honeybutterfriedchicken #chicagoeats

Happy National Mac & Cheese Day (aka the best food group ever)! 🧀🧀🧀 This Buffalo Mac 'n Cheese with pimento cheese, buffalo sauce, and fried chicken is the 💣! @honeybutterchi 🤤🤤🤤

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