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Double tap if you are thankful for a three day weekend, a not-so manic Monday and even more filled with gratitude for all of those lives lost while in pursuit of protecting our freedom and serving our country!
Tomorrow I'm going to pause in remembrance and take a day to rest and celebrate all of the freedoms we take for granted (likely in bed with my nose in a good book!)
Speaking of good books, I've been cruising through books lately and need more suggestions! What's the best books you've read lately?
My last five have been: The Night Circus, Dog Medicine, My Not So Perfect Life, Small Great Things and A Man Called Ove! All amazing! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ“™

Sundays are for being creative, being messy, and trying new ideas. What are you creating today?
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Some days we conquer the world, some days we don't....and that's ok. Here's to a restful and relaxing Sunday #HoneyBookers.
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TAYLOR & ZACHARY ARE MARRIED! 😍 Congratulations newlyweds!

I have known Taylor for so many years and getting to watch her marry her best friend... filled my eyes with tears and my heart with joy! Wishing these two a lifetime of love!

Yesterday has me in a serious photography hangover but every second was worth itπŸ™ŒπŸ½ Congrats Gabe and Caroline! #megcourtneyweddings #kauai

Last Saturday I was hanging out with these two love birds in Lancaster County, documenting the biggest day of their lives. This Saturday I'm sitting along the Mississippi River, thinking about how I never imagined that I would visit a place like this, let alone LIVE here. #thethingsyoudoforlove #atleastitswarm

Everyone's gorgeous water views this weekend are making me crave the ocean, so I'm going to California today... in my mind. Views and blues for days. 😍 Even just the thought of the beach makes me breathe a little slower.
Not a bad thing considering I wrote in my #PowerSheets for June I'm aiming for peace and patience. Yes, this has to be an intentional goal for me. Those, honestly, are not my natural states, and I'm seeing ever more how much of an impact they can make on my life in one direction or another!
I'm always working toward a heart of gratitude to let peace & patience take the center stage, and so today I'm extra grateful for this reminder, ocean hues, and if I'm not at the ocean, at least I'm getting to rest up a bit at home and catch up on some Q3/4 goal setting. All a win in my book. #lcptravels

Italy makes me feel like a little kid at Christmas. 😍 #sarahellefsonphotography

Sunrises β˜€οΈ & Love πŸ’• Two of my favorite things. 😍


My fishing buddy πŸ’™πŸŽ£

Definite weekend vibes working on our upcoming weddings and events. Finally opened my first ever @letterfolk board and this quote really resonates with the whole #communityovercompetition that I love about this industry. Keep chasing the dream, not the competition. βœ¨βœ¨πŸ’•β€οΈβ€οΈ

We've had such and fun and magical day eating gluten free donuts, exploring Miami, and enjoying some much needed time together. Since it's been such an amazing day it had me wishing we were back at Disney! Thankful for another full day to spend with my husband tomorrow, we are so blessed! I can't wait to be back in Disney where I can embrace my inner 12 year old self! Anyone else Disney obsessed?!

Another beaut of a night in #northernmn

Yesterday has me in a serious photography hangover but every second was worth itπŸ™ŒπŸ½ Congrats Gabe and Caroline! #megcourtneyweddings #kauai

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lenox! πŸ’• Yesterday was such a gorgeous day filled with so much love and happiness!

To me, photography is about the emotion and life that can be captured in an instant. Each setting, scene, and subject tells a different story. I kinda love my job.

Adam + Megan are married!! So excited for this sweet couple. #happyweddingday

A beautiful season in life... a glowing momma and an excited father-to-be!! #nicolelewisphotography #maternityphotography #wvphotographer

Sunrises β˜€οΈ & Love πŸ’• Two of my favorite things. 😍


Italy makes me feel like a little kid at Christmas. 😍 #sarahellefsonphotography

Obsessed with this north fork session and with this candid moment, too! We couldn't of gotten more lucky for this beautiful guy to join us so closely.

These two wonderful people are getting married today! Congrats Li and Catt #weddingday

Part of my self care on sundays is to simply light a candle and take in the scented delight! A simple way to enjoy the day.

Just let the wind be. Embrace it ❀️

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