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No really, the sun is finally back. Or at least trying to make an appearance and thank goodness.

Hope your New Year is going well. We are over here trying to figure out all of the new algorithms, hashtags & rules. It feels like we just figured out whatever was going on before. 😅
Cheers to keeping up with the ever evolving world of social media. Whew!
Image: @wildflowers901
Rentals: @moorewed @stockroommemphis

This Sunday feels like a cozy in bed with a blanket and big cup of coffee kind of Sunday. How are you gearing up for the week ahead?
Photo: @lauraleecreative

Wanting to stay in bed a little longer today. How is slow Sunday treating you? #sundaysnuggles .
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Cake drama.

All the Sunday snuggles please!
Photo: @danielle_landers

How about cake, cupcakes and pies for the dessert table? Photo: @enpointe Venue: @themapleswoodland Coordination, Silk Ribbons, Paperie & Signage: @tanweddingsandevents
Florals: @amandavidmardesign
Gown: @ivyandaster
DJ: @elifreshmode
Catering: @andersonfamilycatering
Dessert: @batterupcakery
Rentals: @blossomfarmvintagerentals
Lighting: @firehouseent.07
Hair & Makeup: @kkguerrero
Band: City of Trees Brass Band Transportation: @sterlinglimo Handwritten Table Numbers: @melathans

First day of the @risingtidesociety Leaders Retreat and we are ready to go! Follow along on my stories for more!

Strollin into Sunday like 👆🏽 We’re feeling those masculine vibes today because if you don’t already know, we are gigantic UFC fans, sooo we spent all night watching a bunch of guys hit each other really hard. It’s kinda weird, we know (but the boys here looks much, much better - take my word for it 😉) #twentytwoweddings

Once a year, we gather our TuesdaysTogether chapter leaders from around the world in one space to connect, grow, and dream together! This year, the annual #rtsretreat is taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana. We can’t wait to eat all the beignets!
The HoneyBook @honeybook and Rising Tide Society team is proud to be partnering with TravelBank @travelbankhq + Weebly @weebly to give our leaders a truly unforgettable experience.
Tune in to our Instagram Stories for a behind the scenes look at the retreat and try to spot your local leader! If you aren’t connected to a chapter and want to become a part of a thriving creative community in the New Year, join Rising Tide with the link in our profile!

Touristy, but IDC. New Orleans, always showing up as the prettiest girl at the party.
#LaurenLovesTravel #RTSRetreat

Your energy introduces you before you even speak!#Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure the impact lasts in your absence.

Recipe tasting for @toastique_dc toast recipe via @vignettedesignstudio

This makes me want to head out to a cute cafe right this instant! Q: Do you work well in cafes/coworking spaces? I’m working on a piece right now about them and would love to hear your input! 💕
(📸: @alive_mag )

What do you bring to the table? Okayyy, I'm not talkin' about the bacon! Not even dollars! But really, what do YOU bring?
Are you the kind of person that shows up on time with flowers?
Do you grab a pie on the way and rip it out of the box to make it look homemade?
Are you excited to Pinterest the perfect dish and bake it with love?
Or are you the kind that hosts the dinner in your home, invite your closest friends, family and a random coworker that could use a good home cooked meal?
The table (life) is made up of all us, even an empty seat or two for others that couldn't make it!
You see, it doesn't matter what you bring or how you bring it. Just show up. Be present. Be grateful and spend time with the ones you love.
Tomorrow I get to experience Day One of the @risingtidesociety Leaders Retreat, literally a room filled with leaders, encouragers + friends that simply show up to make this creative industry a better place 💙 Ahhhh I CAN'T WAIT! #wearethecreativeeconomy #arisingtideliftsallboats

Saturday’s are for coffee & hangs. ☕️🍻

Yesterday our #bizbabecrew
✔️ had an epic happy hour with new friends
✔️ did some client maintenance work
✔️ ended the week on a high note with an early afternoon!
What are you most enjoying about the weekend?!
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What were you like in school? I was always the girl staring out the window, talking when I wasn’t supposed to, asking questions at random times, and always interested in something else. I made bad grades and didn’t have a good SAT score. I was the same way when I had a full time job for a large company. I was an outside the box thinker- unable to think the way I was “taught”- and always wanting to go in a different direction. I am like that with friendships too- thank goodness my patient friends understand my unique personality.

That doesn’t make me unsuccessful. As I have gotten older I have channelled that curiosity and energy into many things- I work for numerous companies instead of just one, I have two desks, I work from three different devices, I am always learning, always wanting to know the latest trends, read a lot of books, and ask lots of questions. Don’t call me when I am jacked up on caffeine- I will ask you all about yourself!

When I meet new people I try to be prepared and have questions ready. A good example- the time I was able to visit a hall of fame college basketball coach. I had not one but TWO questions prepared and was able to get answers to both.
Curiosity is a beautiful thing. Never stop learning, asking, or growing… even if you are different from the rest, old, young, experienced, “graduated,” retired, or all of the above.
Do you have questions? Stay with me. Starting later this month I’m beginning an education piece/post/blog each week with a chance to get YOUR questions answered. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.
#instagramadvantage #honeybook

What is your vision, goal, or why for the New Year? #instagramadvantage #honeybook

Better late than never- “Highlighting” some of my favorite Instagram features on the blog today! Link in profile. #instagramadvantage #honeybook

Facebook announced big changes this past Thursday. Is your business ready? I’m sharing some ideas to beat the Facebook algorithm on my website today, a freebie, and something new from yours truly. Link in bio! #instagramadvantage #honeybook

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